42 Ways You Can Take a Stand Against Monsanto

By definition, the word ‘Activism’ means,

“The policy or action of using vigorous campaigning to bring about political or social change.”


The truth is you don’t have to stand on the street with a sign in your hand to take part in activism. It’s fun but it may not be the kind of “act” you want to engage in – that’s okay! Just find something you feel comfortable doing and do it with passion. By making whatever you choose to do as a lifestyle, you are campaigning in your own personal way.

Activism does not have to be violent. All the rallies I’ve been to so far have been peaceful, empowering and enlightening, and most of all hopeful. It’s a great way to meet new, like-minded people and it’s an even greater reminder that you are not alone in this (at times) discouraging fight.

And don’t let fear hold you back from trying new things! Although it may be difficult to take that initial step and do something out of your realm, you’ll be happy for going through with it. If you need a little extra support, ask your closest friend to come with you and treat them to a non-GMO, locally sourced dinner or lunch afterwards.

Plus, there is nothing more gratifying than overcoming a fear and making a positive change all in one experience.

There are tons of ways you can personally make a difference. To show you there is something for everyone, I’ve listed 42 ways you can take a stand against Monsanto. This content is from my eBook, Unraveling GMOs which is on sale (half off) for a limited time. Click here to learn more and buy Unraveling GMOs.

With the ideas I’ve listed below I hope to inspire you to take action… today! Some of these ideas were taken off the Institute for Responsible Techonology’s website.


  • Buy non-GMO seeds from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds and plant them in your garden
  • Turn your front law into a garden (just be careful of local rules and regulations regarding font yard appearances)
  • Give non-GMO seeds as gifts to the gardeners in your life
  • Help a friend start a garden
  • Start a community garden with only non-GMO seeds
  • Start a garden at your child’s school with only non-GMO seeds
  • Get your children involved with gardening. Our future, in part, depends on what the future generations will “bring to the table”
  • Ask seed companies if they have taken the Safe Seed Pledge and tested their stock for GMOs.


  • Offer free “grocery store tours” and teach your friends/family how to navigate through labels and what to look for in a food product
  • Offer an education talk or webinar to anyone interested. Religious, parent oriented, health, school/colleges and gardening related organizations often welcome this kind of information
  • Hold non-GMO movie nights and invite willing friends and family to watch movies like Genetic Roulette, The World According to Monsanto, The Future of Food and/or Scientists Under Attack


  • Sign petitions and encourage others to do the same
  • Share important GMO-related news articles via social media and email
  • Write on companies Facebook pages letting them know you demand a choice; either put a label on it or you will no longer be buying their products. You could also organize groups of people to target one Big Food company a week
  • Send out GMO related Facebook updates and “like” other non-GMO organizations on Facebook so you can share links with others- such as The Institute for Responsible Technology, Labelgmos.org, GM Watch, Millions Against Monsanto, GMO Truth Alliance, Organic Consumer Association, and GMO Dangers for updates.
  • Keep in touch with other non-GMO organizations for updates such as Center for Food Safety, Friends of the Earth or GM Watch.
  • Get free email updates from my blog Healthy Roots, Happy Soul as I write about GMO issues on occasion
  • Find a local GMO-Free Group on Facebook to join. This way you can stay involved with things that are happening at the local level


  • Contact food manufacturers and ask them if they use GM ingredients in their products. If they do, tell them you are going to boycott their product until they can either give a label or remove GMO’s completely – tell your friends and family members to do the same
  • Contact the President and let him know you want GMOs labeled and you want him to keep his word – do this multiple times
  • Contact your Representatives and let them know you want your state to label GM food, multiple times throughout the year


  • Attend rallies in your area – it’s a fun experience!
  • Table at your local farmer’s market
  • Ask your local school to begin switching to Non-GMO alternatives
  • Ask your local health food store if you can hand out non-GMO education materials, pamphlets, etc.
  • Ask your local health food store to have a non-GMO education table with pamphlets, education materials etc
  • Find events and ask if you can set up a table to hand out information on non-GMO related topics
  • Get your local radio stations to play Non-GMO pieces
  • Ask local restaurants to use Non-GMO food and offer to help them understand why you (and 94% of Americans) do not want GMOs in their food
  • Start a restaurant or food truck that uses only Non-GMO products
  • Contact your local newspapers, magazines or any media with educational letters or videos.
  • Put a sign (size is totally up to you) outside your home that says “GMO-free home” – offer to give some to neighbors as well
  • Help educate your local healthcare professionals about the dangers of GMOs and why they should recommend a non-GMO diet
  • Start a local farmer’s market that lays its foundation on the Non-GMO principal


  • Avoid GMO’s completely
  • Shop at your local farmer’s market
  • Only buy products that are not owned by Big Food Companies
  • Donate to Non-GMO organizations like The Institute for Responsible Technology, Organic Consumers Association, Friends of the Earth or any other organization working towards eliminating GMO’s. Without your help, they cannot move forward.
  • Put a bumper sticker on your car that says something about GMO’s – might as well buy a few and ask your friends to place them somewhere visible
  • Wear apparel that has the word GMO on it
  • Give Non-GMO apparel as gifts; tote bags, bumper stickers, t-shirts all make good options


  • You can help gather signatures, donations and table at local events



Probably one of the most effective ways of inspiring people to make a change is not by what you say but what you do that really ignites the flame in them.

Truth be told, most people do not have the time to really listen to what you say and honestly don’t want to feel like they are being “told” – even if they whole-heartedly want to live and eat healthier. You could go on and on about how GMOs are bad for their health or how eating a clean, unprocessed diet filled with real food and no restrictions is the best thing they could do to lose the weight but they won’t hear you. You’ll even get the people that don’t believe one word you’re saying. You could argue with them but it is not worth your energy because their mind is already set.

Have you ever heard the phrase, “Actions speak louder than words.” This simple 5 word sentence puts it all in a non-GMO soybean shell.

When I first learned about GMOs and how unhealthy the Standard American Diet is, I was extremely anxious to tell everyone. What started as a sincere talk ended with a whole lot of blah, blah. Sure, they may have been listening to me and cared about what I had to say but more often than not, it was not enough to inspire them to make changes.

It was only until I realized in order to see change in the world around me, I must be the change. I must live, breathe, eat what I believe in. I must live vibrantly and radiate that vibe to those around me. Only until I just did what I believed in, people were interested to learn more.

If you want to show the people around you that it is possible to lose weight and feel good without being on any kind of depriving and restricting diet, you must be the living and breathing example. If you want people to know how well locally grown foods are and how good they make you feel you must invite them to dinner and serve them only locally grown food. They’ll notice the difference in taste immediately and leave feeling good; not bloated, groggy or feeling nasty.

From my personal experience I lost all my baby weight (40 lbs) simply by eating real, clean, unprocessed foods. My mother-in-law has already lost 10lbs simply by eating the food I make for dinner; no exercising, no dieting, no special secrets – just real food. Even my father-in-law is losing weight and he has never been able to “keep it off.”


I’ve been lucky with my husband as he’s supported every decision I’ve made regarding the food choices we make in our house hold. He understands how much better he feels when he eats real food and states often that he is “happy he doesn’t eat fast food anymore.”

My in-laws brag about how they can eat real food without gaining weight. They exclaim how great they feel while eating real food and they even throw in a few things about Monsanto from time to time in conversation. My mother is diving head first into organic foods and the issues regarding our food supply. My cousin came with me when I rallied against GE salmon and just recently she’s been doing the shopping for her whole family at the farmer’s market. She thought there was no way her family would get into the locally grown foods. Heck, I even got my Grandmother-in-law talking about Monsanto.
And to think, I inspired them to make a difference simply from leading by example.

It’s also important to remember, as a leader, you will get criticized, scoffed at and at times you’ll have to stand alone but if you continue to believe in what you are standing for and have courage, people will follow.

I promise.

Want to Learn More About GMOs?

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  • The first section talks all about what GMOs are, the money trail, the problem with companies like Monsanto and what the argument is for and against GMOs.
  • The second section is like a GMO 101. Learn how to read labels with real life examples, learn the names of hidden GMO ingredients and various ways that you can avoid GMOs.
  • The last section is all about inspiring. No act is too small and by the end of the book, you’ll feel empowered and motivated to make a change.

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Do you have any other ideas to contribute to this list?


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