Southern Boiled Cabbage — a Recipe for All Cabbage Haters

It was only until I met my southern husband that I started to venture out into the leafy green world.

I learned to love swiss chard when it was steamed and mixed with lots of butter and feta cheese, and thanks to bits of bacon and bacon grease, I can eat collards like I was the one that grew up in the south (but this moist maple cornbread is a necessity when making my collards).

Basically, I’ve learned the key to making any leafy green taste good is either a lot of butter, a lot of bacon, or both.

It’s no different with cabbage. You couldn’t pay me a million dollars to eat cabbage any other way then with the flavor of bacon infused into the leaves, and that’s what this recipe does.

You boil the cabbage with water or homemade broth, bacon grease, and a little salt. The result is tender, juicy, bacon flavored leaves that goes perfectly on top of mashed potatoes or broth-infused rice.

Head over to We Got Real for my recipe for Boiled Cabbage

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