DIY Seasoning & Herb Ornament Gifts (Plus 22 Seasoning Ideas)

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Can I have a gushy moment real quick and then I promise I’ll get to the tutorial? I have to give a special shout out to Scratch Mommy, We Got Real, Live Simply, Naturally Mindful and Rethink Simple for giving me the motivation when I wanted to quit after the first photo session and things weren’t going well. I LOVE YOU GIRLS!

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Alright, now, let’s talk about these awesome homemade seasoning mix ornaments. How cool is this for the foodie in your life, right? I somehow got inspired and thought, “Wouldn’t it be ridiculously awesome if I put homemade spice mixes and/or herbs in an ornament as a simple and useful handmade gift this year?”

If you have someone you are secretly trying to convert to the “real food” world, you could give them this gift and indirectly somehow say, “Look, this is homemade taco seasoning that you can make with the spices you have in your cabinet. It’ll be the best tacos you’ve ever had in your life!”

Or it would work great for the person in your life that is already a foodie. Who doesn’t love spice mixes? They make your food taste so stinkin’ good and it’s such a thoughtful gift in my eyes.

Minimal clutter, nourishing, unique, handmade, thoughtful. Yup, that’s what these DIY seasoning and herb ornament gifts are!

If you have the patience and time, this would be a great activity for your little ones to help with as well. It’s a good motor skills activity since they have to focus on putting the seasoning/herb into the funnel.

To even help you along with trying to figure out what kind of seasoning to fill them with, I’ve included 22 homemade seasoning recipes from some of my favorite bloggers!

22 Ideas for *Real Food,* Homemade, Seasoning Mixes:

DIY Seasoning and Herb Ornaments -- What a great gift for the foodie in your life! Plus 22 Homemade Seasoning Recipes to Inspire you!

Tools & Supplies You’ll Need


  1. Decide on which seasoning you will be making. Depending on how many you’ll be gifting, make a large batch and put in a mason jar
  2. Scoop 6 tablespoons of desired seasoning mix into a funnel that is in the opening of your ornament. You really don’t want to add more than that or the ornament will get too heavy and the top won’t stick. Trust me!
  3. It is inevitable that the seasoning will get stuck in the funnel. Before you lose your mind trying to figure out how to make sure the seasoning does not end up all over your counter, grab your handy-dandy bobby pin and push it through the hole in the funnel.
  4. Continue doing this until all the seasoning has succesfully landed inside the ornament
  5. Cap the ornament
  6. Attach a cute DIY gift tag with the name and ingredients of the seasoning and hang on your tree until you are ready to give away.
  7. You could also find an inexpensive gift box to put the ornament in if you need a clever way of transporting it


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    What an ingenious idea! Pinning and will have to this out! 🙂


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    It turned out beautiful, Loriel!


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    Great ideas, thanks you. Where did you get the square ornaments to fill….love those!


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