DIY Water Bead Candy Corn Inspired Decor

Have you ever heard of water beads? I hadn’t heard of them up until last week when I was searching through Pinterest to find creative things I can do with my toddler, Andrew. We don’t have much money to go out and buy random things so when I saw water beads, it enticed me. They expand, turn squishy, are perfect for little hands and cheap.

Needless to say, when I received my water beads, it provided an hour of constant fun. Andrew was TOTALLY digging them. Hallelujah! I finally found something that does not get him all huffed up when something doesn’t go his way.

No tantrums, no huffing and puffing, just simple, squishy fun.

The bead on the right is what they look like when they come in the package. The bead on the left is what they look like when you pour water on them. They turn completely smooth when they are done transforming.


Yay for happy toddler!


So much fun squishing



Then the fun turned into mixing and pouring.


A light bulb went off! I can make a DIY Halloween Decor out of these water beads!


Since my brain is in creativity mode with this Halloween series I’m doing, anything and everything Halloween is on my mind. At first I thought I could make something with the orange and black beads but realized the black was actually blue. Bummer!

How else could I make this into Halloween themed? Then it hit me: candy corn colors. Orange, yellow and clear definitely screamed Halloween in a fun way.

Initially I wanted to fill up a recycled jar (I’m somewhat of a jar hoarder) with the beads but I didn’t have enough colors to fill up a jar. I walked around my mother-in-law’s china cabinets and found a wine glass and fluke. Perfect!

These DIY water bead, candy corn inspired flukes would make GREAT decorations as a center piece for a dinner party (three flukes would look great in the middle of a dinner table). Add a little orange and black ribbon around the stem to tie into the Halloween colors. To really spice them up, you could set these waterproof tea light candles in the middle (almost as if they were floating) to really set the ambiance.

Tools Needed

  • Water beads; you’ll want a package of orange, yellow, clear or white (get them here). You could even get black  and orange water beads for Halloween colors instead of candy corn colors.
  • Distilled water (the beads work better with distilled water)
  • Orange and black ribbon (you can choose iridescent ribbon as well)
  • Wine glasses, flukes, or recycled jar
  • Waterproof tea light candles to set the ambiance



  • Place water beads in a bowl and pour distilled water beads over them; let sit for up to 4 hours (ours took about 2 hours)
  • Grab whatever container you’ll be using and layer the colors according to whatever theme you’re shooting for (black and orange or candy corn colors)
  • Tie ribbon around the stem and place a candle, if wanted
  • Set in your home wherever you can enjoy the decoration 🙂

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  1. Add my name to those who have never heard of water beads before…and I am a 66 yr old grandma! (What will they think of next?) After the fun has been had & the holiday is over, what is the best way to dispose of them? Am I correct in assuming that they cannot be stored & used again? I think my 2 yr old grandson would have fun with these also (with supervision!)

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