Edible Arrangements: Apple-Cranberry Centerpiece

You know what I absolutely love about edible arrangements?

Well, for one, it’s edible and I love food (obv…), but most importantly, it is virtually waste and clutter free! In a world where so many people buy and waste so many things, it’s refreshing to know that something so simple such as an edible arrangement can be either eaten or composted when it’s done.

This hollowed out apple-cranberry centerpiece would look amazing on your dinner table for Thanksgiving. Everyone would “ooo” and “ahh at such a refreshing change of scenery.

Just fill with your favorite cranberry sauce, put a vintage looking spoon in there and you’ve got food elegance at it’s finest.

No taking up the extra space in boxes. No taking extra space up on the dinner table.

…Just beautiful, festive, seasonal food.

Need a cranberry recipe?? Scroll down for two of my favorite recipes.


Edible Arrangements: Apple-Cranberry Centerpiece


  • Homemade cranberry sauce (I love THIS recipe from Wellness & Workouts and THIS recipe from Simple Clean Living)
  • Large, pretty apple


  1. Make homemade cranberry sauce and have it ready to go
  2. Slice the top of an apple
  3. Score along the outside of the apple with a knife
  4. Hollow out the apple using a spoon; scoop as much as desired
  5. Fill in with cranberry sauce and add a vintage serving spoon

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