Egg Carton Gardening Progress: Week One

Last week I posted my experience on egg carton gardening with my little one. It wasn’t such a “rainbows and butterflies picturesque” activity with my independent and stubborn two and half year old but it was rewarding, nonetheless.

Every morning I’ve taken him outside to look at the progress the seeds have made. Not going to lie — at times he’s not interested but then there are times (very few) where he really notices the progress and asks to water them. I also make sure to flip them around so they get equal amounts of sun light on each side.

The lettuces were the first ones to pop up but it took only a day or two for everything else to germinate and sprout. The only things that have not germinated are the mini yellow bell peppers and yellow strawberries. I think in another week, I’ll plant more lettuce and strawberries.

I wanted to share the progress with you guys because watching the whole process of a seed becoming  a plant and then becoming food to nourish our bodies is such a cool thing! Even if you don’t have tons of space, I think anyone can plant a little lettuce and herb garden since they have shallow roots.



Sugar snap peas



Lemon cucumbers on the far right, scarlet beans on the left of the cucumber and 6 sugar snap peas all on the left.



The million lettuces Andrew planted in one cell



Scarlet bean on the left, lemon cucumber on the right



Isn’t this so cool?!? This is a scarlet bean germinating and sprouting.



Amazing progress so far! I planted sunflower seeds in the black containers to the right yesterday.



Scarlet bean



More lemon cucumbers



Lemon cucumbers… my favorite.


What sort of veggies/fruits are you planting from seeds?


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