Easy Fried Rice (With Cauliflower Rice Option)

What do all women with children have in common?

Although there are many different answers, the one resounding thing that we all have in common is: exhaustion. Who knew such little people could make a mama so tired?

Exhaustion tends to follow us all the way to dinner time. Yes, the dreaded “D” word… why do they want dinner every night?

To combat the exhaustion, dinner around here consists of simple, quick, and healthy meals. One meal I often rely heavy on is fried rice. It’s versatile (aka whatever you have laying around in the refrigerator), we seem to always have leftover rice, and eggs are abundant; making it a frugal meal for our family.

If you’re trying to stay away from rice or don’t have any day-old rice in the fridge, you can easily substitute the rice for a couple cups of cauliflower. This is also an easy way to get even more veggies into everyone.

The texture of cauliflower rice is a little different than rice but it’s not substantially different — this is great for those of us who have kids with ultra-powerful radar senses on their tongues.

Head on over to Mommypotamus to get my recipe for Fried Rice (with a cauliflower option)

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