GMOs Are In What!? Edition 6: Sweet Tomatoes Chocolate Chip Cookies

GMO’s are lurking everywhere. They are popping up in places they shouldn’t be and are in foods we wouldn’t dream they would be.

Like these chocolate chip cookies from the restaurant, Sweet Tomatoes.

Grandma’s favorite place to eat is at Sweet Tomatoes– it’s like a buffet style salad bar with soups, pizzas and other food. Since I don’t eat out much, I try not to worry about all the not-so-good food I eat when I do make it out into the civilized world. There is already way too much in life to worry about any way!

As we made our way through the salad buffet, piling up all sorts of veggies, and walking to the cash register I noticed some chocolate chip cookies that said they were “Baked Fresh Today!”

Since I have somewhat of a sweet tooth, I was curious.

I’m always curious when it comes to what type of ingredients are in food.

Who woulda thunk that GMO’s were casually included in the “Baked Fresh Today!” cookies?

Check out the ingredient label —

Can you spot the GMO ingredients?

  • vegetable mono & diglycerides
  • citric acid (possible GM contamination)
  • sugar (read more about that here)
  • eggs (this is because the chickens may be eating GMO chicken feed)

Crazy right?  This just goes to show that you literally cannot trust any product labeling without turning the package over to see what is in them.

Better Alternatives

Store bought:

For store-bought versions, if possible, it’s best to look and choose for cookies that have the Non-GMO Project Verified symbol or cookies made with organic ingredients. Even if they are organic or have the Non-GMO stamp on them, choose cookies that do not use industrialized oils like canola, corn, vegetable or soy. These oils, GMO or not, are not meant for our bodies to consume and are unhealthy.

I really enjoy the chocolate Jovial cookies or their checker box cookies. Actually, as a matter of fact, I love their ginger cookies too.

Can you tell they make good cookies? 🙂


Homemade chocolate chip cookies are an even better way of satisfying your sweet tooth but having complete control of  ingredients. And no, I’m not talking about the ones in those cans! Made completely from scratch, you can customize your cookie to whatever way you like.

Below, I’ve included some of my favorite cookie recipes. Because I love homemade cookies. And I’m sure you do too!


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  1. There are SO many things in processed foods to watch out for! I have a severe Iodine allergy and after a few weeks of hives on my hands and arms, I finally found the trigger – Carrageenan! In my whipping cream! And in my Almond milk! It’s made from kelp. And one of the companies I contacted said they have NO plans to stop adding it….Darigold has one whipping cream that it isn’t in but is rarely carried in stores.

    I am so glad that you provide so much information about GMOs! I am so anti food contamination and at 60, I need to know what is in my food as well as informing my kids and grandkids! Thank you so much!

    1. Isn’t it crazy what food can do to your body? Our bodies are so smart. I’m really happy you found the trigger because a lot of people don’t bother to investigate and they go on with whatever is ailing them or they take medication that only suppresses problems and sometimes makes MORE problems.

  2. Your “Unraveling GMOs” link doesn’t work. All references to this product don’t lead anywhere. Did you take it down?

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