How to Enjoy French Onion Dip Without The Additives

You know those foods that bring you back to memories of good times spent with people you love? It might be a little funny to say, but french onion dip does that for me.

The creamy, onion-ey taste matched with the saltiness of chips is one of my favorite food sensations… ever. Like, I can literally finish a whole bowl to myself I love it that much.

A couple years ago, that wouldn’t necessarily be a problem but now, it’s a different story. I’m that crazy woman who has 13 chickens, drinks kombucha, likes to rebel against what mainstream says is normal, and picks up the ingredients of every food product I purchase (and has a list of ingredients that disqualifies the product itself if they are in it). I can’t help it, I have become label reading addict.

The number one reason? Because food is no longer what it seems!

I’m serious. You could pick up a container of pre-made potato salad and the ingredients contain artificial food colorings, high fructose corn syrup, and some other weird ingredients that I have no clue what they are. Yep, that innocent potato salad is loaded with completely unnecessary ingredients.

Same goes for my beloved Lipton Onion Dip. Check out the ingredients:


Holy GMO, preservative, chemical shit storm batman. And if you were wondering if it was necessary to throw in a cuss word there, well, it was — I mean look at the ingredients!

There are only 5 real-ish ingredients and even those I have issues with. The sugar is most likely GM-sugar beet (read more about that here), the salt is highly processed, refined, and bleached, the cornstarch most likely comes from GM-corn, and the onion powder is probably irradiated. This leaves us with the poor lonely onions being the only real ingredient in this 13 ingredient packaged soup mix.

Sorry Lipton, you and I are breaking up and I’m moving onto something a million and one times better — Naturally Free French Onion Dip.

Naturally Free French Onion Dip is made with 100% real ingredients that are fresh, non-irradiated, and organic.

It’s perfect for crunchy foodies who want to fall back in love with french onion dip without being worried about all those weird ingredients. It’s also perfect for the budding food-conscious person that wants something healthy for their family. Basically it’s perfect for everyone. Find it here.

Want to see the difference in ingredients?

Organic minced onion flakes, organic onion powder, organic garlic powder, organic parsley, unrefined sea salt, organic turmeric, organic celery seed, organic fine ground black pepper.

It’s hard to believe how hugely different the ingredients are, isn’t it? Now why would they need to add all kinds of artificial colors, preservatives, and GM-ingredients when you can mix up some real spices and herbs and create an even better tasting dip? And if they were worried about creating a color to the dip, just throw in the turmeric like I did and it naturally turns the dip a yellowish color after all. Voila!

I also want to point out that the unrefined sea salt I use in my blends is the Redmond Real Salt brand — they are mined in ancient salt beds in great ol’ Utah, USA and have naturally occurring minerals which are essential for a healthy body. This is a brand I have been using for almost 5 years now and I love and trust the quality and taste.

But what about the organic french onion dip mixes you can buy at the store?

Good question and the only problem is that even those contain maltodextrin — granted it’s organic, but still.

Plus, the ingredients are a bit boring compared to Naturally Free French Onion Dip and you can definitely taste the difference. AND, Naturally Free is made in small batches by my own two hands so when you buy Naturally Free products, you’re supporting a small local business made by a mom who cares.

My family and I have been enjoying this homemade dip for almost a year and a half now. I’ve brought my French Onion Dip to countless parties and it brought joy to countless mouths and bellies. I knew I had to share the love even further and make it to available to purchase because it’s that good.

So come on, taste the Naturally Free Handcrafted Blends difference and fall back in love with French Onion Dip without worrying about unhealthy ingredients; making this a practically guilt-free dip. Save 10% off your purchase now to celebrate the grand opening launch week of Naturally Free! Use coupon code LAUNCH10 at checkout. Order now.

And listen, I get it if you’re hesitant. Why don’t you make it yourself first with the recipe I use and then if you like it, you can buy it yourself.

I got your back.


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