How to Pack a Naturally Minded Hospital/Home Birth Bag for Mom

At 35 weeks when I was on the floor with intense stomach pains at 11pm, we thought we were in labor. My husband quickly scrounged together random baby things, stuffed them in a tote bag, called his parents to pick up our 4 year old, and then we rushed to the hospital.

To say we were completely unprepared is an understatement.

Our plan was to have a home birth. Foolishly, I thought there was no need to pack a hospital bag because I wouldn’t be at the hospital. That night was a big slap of reality.

Thankfully, it was just a scare and the contractions ended up dying down at around 3am. The next day I made sure to pack some essentials and keep them in a bag just in case we were to deal with that again. Not only that, but I made sure to get all my home birth supplies together.

With my experience, I feel like a good naturally minded hospital/home birth bag has more for mom than it does for baby. In all honestly, baby doesn’t need much — other than a couple pairs of clothes, diapers/wipes and mama’s love.

I’ve put together a list for essentials for packing a naturally minded hospital/home birth bag for mom and I’m sharing it over at Modern Hippie Housewife.

Head over to Modern Hippie Housewife to read my post on How to Pack a Naturally Minded Hospital/Home Birth Bag for Mom

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