Naturally Loriel’s Best of 2014

Every year, it seems like the year goes by quicker and quicker.

2014 consisted of a TON of growth for myself personally and for Naturally Loriel as well. The first half of the year, you would have known me as Healthy Roots, Happy Soul. Take a look at the site here …. Holy cow! What a difference, right? After much thought and sick of feeling “lost,” I decided to change my name and rebrand myself.

Best. Decision. Ever.

I thought the change would drop many of my readers, but most of you stayed with me (bless you!) and I thank you for that. Your support has been absolutely amazing and I couldn’t have done it without you.

I know the hustle and bustle of life can make you miss things (which I’m working on slllooooowwwwiiinnnggg things down a bit so I don’t miss the important things) so here’s a recap of Naturally Loriel’s best posts in 2014!

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1. An Effective Natural Remedy for Severe Mosquito Bites

If anyone knows about severe mosquito bites, it’s me. If left untreated, Andrew’s bites swell faster than you can blink your eye, becomes hot and tight, blisters, and causes him a ton of pain. I was introduced to lavender essential oil and I could finally breathe again.


2. Creamy Dairy-free Chocolate Mousse

This is number two for good reason: I’m very proud of my photographs in it (check out the swirly chocolate and coconut cream) AND most importantly, this recipe is #DABOMB. Seriously, there is nothing better than a melt-in-your-mouth, creamy, smooth dessert that virtually has no bad ingredients in it. Yes please.


3. 17 Cool and Unusual Uses for Beeswax

Because who doesn’t love all the things that beeswax can do? From making skincare products and preventing rust, to creating an alternative to plastic wrap, beeswax seriously is cool. You’ll want to see how else you can use beeswax here.


4. Nighty-Night DIY Bath Salt

Apparently there are tons of mamas out there that have relentless kids who won’t sleep. Desperate times call for desperate measures and that’s when mamas look for things to get their kids down so they can take a breather before going to bed. Have no fear, this bath salt contains a specially formulated KidSafe essential oil that promotes relaxation and sleepiness for your little one.


5. DIY Essential Oil Roll-on Blends + An Uplifting Perfume

This post was born out of the sheer necessity of needing a better solution when I was applying the KidSafe essential oil Sniffle Stopper. I realized I could put it in a roll-on bottle so I could keep it in my purse and use it whenever Andrew needed it. Then I got to thinking about creating perfumes and after much trial and error, created an uplifting blend using my favorite oil (Bergamot) and Sandalwood.


6. How to Easily Remove Broken Egg Shells from a Bowl

Apparently I’m not the only one frustrated with chasing the tiniest piece of egg shell in a bowl. Luckily, with this trick, you can easily remove egg shells without feeling like you want to throw the bowl across the room. 🙂 You’re welcome.


7. Chicken Coop Confessions

It’s always funny reading about someone else’s mistakes which is why I think this post is in the top 10 this year. From spending WAY too much money on building a coop, to not having the engineers (husband + father-in-law) listen to the home owner (wife aka me), you may learn just a thing or two before embarking on your own coop building endeavor.


8. 20 Ways to Flavor Your Kombucha

Making homemade kombucha is one of the easiest things to do at home and it produces a probiotic-rich, bubbly goodness. However, the first ferment isn’t always the most pleasant. The second ferment is when you infuse different fruits and fruit juices to take on the flavor which makes them taste amazing. I searched the crunchy web-sphere for 20 of the best tasting ways to flavor your kombucha.


9. Healthy Homemade Caeser Dressing

Good-bye Kraft dressing, hellooooo delicious, authentic tasting caesar dressing. Rich with immune building garlic and nutrient-dense anchovies, this caesar dressing is seriously the best. ever.

10. Homemade French Onion Dip

It’s hard not to love Lipton’s French Onion Dip but rest assure, I’ve created an even BETTER *real* food version of it. This homemade french onion dip is super easy to whip up, people won’t even miss the GMO-laden alternative. I promise.

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  1. January 6, 2015 @ 4:43 pm Emily @ Recipes to Nourish

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE your homemade french onion dip recipe. And that chocolate mousse … swoon! All of these posts are great.


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