No More Chest Pains! Mystery Finally Solved

It’s been a whirlwind of a journey the past few years: everything from becoming a newlywed, new parent, move across the country (and back), unexplained chest pains… things have been crazy up in the life of Loriel!

If you did not read my previous posts about my chest pains, I invite you to read them so you can get a background idea of what I’ve been dealing with. Read them in chronological order HERE, HERE, and HERE

If you don’t really feel like reading the posts I’ll give you a short and sweet summary:

Basically since Andrew has been born (2011), I’ve had unexplained chest pains. They came periodically but I began to notice a pattern when they started getting worse: they only came when my body temperature was elevated. It was so bad at one point that I could not wash my hands or take a hot bath without my pain flaring up. At times I could not even take Andrew to the park because I was afraid I may have a heart attack from the pain I was feeling.

You might ask, “Well what was the pain like?” The pain I have experienced in the past three years have been sharp but sometimes dull and the pain radiated completely down my left arm.

Quite frightening.

Anyway, after many trials and tribulations (and a fantastic Naturopath), I think I have finally closed the case of the unexplained chest pains.

Can you guess what causes them? Well folks, it’s dairy products.

And I’m not just talking conventional, pasteurized dairy; I’m talking raw, whole-fat, creamy milk, cheese and butter goodness.

WHAT!  I could not believe that dairy was the culprit! I was shocked, relieved and then disappointed. Shocked because I really could not believe something like a dairy intolerance was causing the pain. Relieved because I finally knew what was wrong and could rest easy. Disappointed because I freaking love cheese and milk and especially butter. *whimper*

My Naturopath told me to get off of dairy to sort of “test” the theory that I may be intolerant. So I did.

Testing the Theory

The first two weeks I went without any dairy, I had no signs of bloating, discomfort or chest pains. Unbelievable! I was still incredibly astonished that this has been my issue for such a long time.

A couple weeks after we moved back to Florida, we had a little BBQ. I decided to make a homemade french onion dip and of course the main ingredient was sour cream. I’m a sucker for sour cream, especially in homemade onion dip. Needless to say, I did not have good willpower and ate the dip. That night,for the first time in two weeks, I had serious stomach issues.

A few weeks after the french onion incident, I began eating butter and sour cream in small amounts. I noticed when I “cheated” and ate dairy if we went out to eat, I’d have chest pain.

Theory solved. Dairy causes digestive and chest issues for me.

Thinking Back: When Did I Become Intolerant?

I’m not sure when I became intolerant to dairy or why. It seems the day I gave birth to Andrew, my whole equilibrium in my body changed; body, hair, skin, boobs (how I miss my pre-pregnancy boobs…), internally, everything. I suppose tolerance to dairy changed as well. I can remember complaining about very minor pain in my left arm a few times before I had Andrew but nothing to where it was seriously affecting me. It only really began to be a problem when we moved to California.

My speculation as to why it became so apparent in the time we were in California is that I probably overloaded on the dairy. When I first learned of raw milk and cheese, I was in dairy heaven (especially being in California). I drank raw milk each day, ate raw cheese like I was a starving mouse, and ate butter like it was crack. Dairy took up a huge portion of my daily diet and I made a point to get in all those wonderful fats.

This was also right around the time I developed really weird digestive issues. Everything from bloating (without being able to release), constipation, diarrhea (with the sweats, cramps and shivers), and even hemorrhoids. I couldn’t understand why I was having such issues! I never thought in my wildest dreams that my beloved and wholesome raw dairy products were the culprit.

As you can imagine, I was beginning to feel like the lemon child. Thank goodness for my genius Naturopath.

In the Current News

Well, currently, things have been going really well. I’ve been experimenting with dairy-free ingredients although I still use butter for my eggs and even put a little butter on my bread. I’ll be experimenting more with cultured ghee because apparently it has all the benefits of butter but not the allergenic properties. My Naturopath recommended THIS brand.

I know my limits: If I eat more dairy then I should be eating, I’ll either have diarrhea a few hours after eating it or will start to have chest pains.

I’ve heard of people reversing their intolerance through the GAPS diet. THIS is a great resource on what the GAPS diet is all about and how to heal your gut. I may try this once everything settles down and we move into our new home.

But as for now, I am just very thankful and happy that the mystery of unexplained chest pains are finally solved.

I’m curious… has anyone else ever had this issue?

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      1. I know this is an old post, but I just stumbled across it. I have had 2 trips to the ER in a weeks time, one that ended up with me being admitted overnight. Truly though I was having a heart attack. Chest pain, tingling down left arm, etc. Cardiac was ruled out but I am having a stress test tomorrow just to be be certain. I have noticed the past few days the symptoms come on after eating dairy. I still can’t wrap my head around this! I really though I was dying! Who would have thought……

        1. Oh my gosh. I can’t even imagine how scary that would be. It’s pretty insane how particular foods can affect us so bad. I hope the issue is dairy so you can eliminate it and start to feel better. Unexplained chest pains are never fun to deal with.

          1. Hi Loriel,
            Thank you so much for this post!
            Would you be willing to refer me to your Homeopathic doctor (if she’s in Florida). I’m looking for one.
            Thank you! If you are willing, you can send it to my email address. Thank you sooooooooooo much!!!!!

        2. How did that hospital visit end up going? Did you figure anything out? Was it related to a dairy intolerance? I ask because I had the same exact experience and went to the ER myself

        3. I had the exact same experience. The trouble started shortly after my son was born. Over the course of a year, so many things were ruled out. But after doing an extensive and time consuming elimination diet, I have come to find out it has been dairy all along. So bizarre. I wish I knew why. It is comforting to know I’m not the only one!

      2. Shalom,

        I have been having chest pains on sense I was 21. When I was 21 I only had a few chest pains.
        When I married my husband in 2003 I went to the hospital because of the pains. The hospital almost killed me due to the drugs the put me on. They thought it was heart problem, however they found nothing.
        I would be in so much pain I would curl up and cry at times. My pains sometimes go through to my back.
        About a year ago I really took notice of what I ate and drank which would give me the pains.
        I get pains with anything which causes gas.
        All dairy, carbonated drinks, coffee, all types of teas, beans, broccoli and all citrus, there is most likely more however I try to limit anything which causes gas. When my pains are gone for a few days to a few weeks I am able to eat and drink the foods and drinks a little. When I over due it I will get faint pains however if I continue I am in a lot of pain sometimes for days. The pains mostly come at night and sometimes wake several times in rhe night.
        I was advised to try food grade Bentonite Clay, which was ordered tonight.

      3. Hi Loriel, I concur. Whenever I eat cheese I get chest pain and then when I eliminate it the chest pain is gone. I have been through this several times and have therefore concluded that cheese is definitely the culprit. So yeah no more cheese for me either lol. Thanks for the great article and stay well <3

      1. I ran into this by asking about ice cream and pain. I had been noticing i have pain as you described after eating ice cream. I ate some today right before i found this to test myself on it. I am glad i found this i was really getting worried. My Doctor kept trying to put me on mental meds because of it. I refused them.Dropped her then i started trying to found out what my problem was/is.

  1. Thank you for your post!! I experienced the scariest 12 months of my life having chest pains and going to the ER not knowing what was going on. I thought I was dying! Doctors were putting me on steroids and Xanex and all kinds of unnecessary strong drugs. I found a great private doctor who alleviated my worry and we thought we figured out it was an intolerance to tree nuts as I was drinking almond milk every day. Turns out it is tree nuts and dairy. I went back on dairy… It slowly crept back in and then took over with force and what do you know – the sharp chest pains returned. I’m glad at least I have an intolerance and it seems to be OK with a bit of goat cheese, my favorite, and I found a great replacement for butter with earth balance which is so yummy with eggs or toast or any baking. I can’t even describe the relief to know that dairy can cause sharp chest pain. I’m finally off the milk and yogurt and ice cream again and pain free! Wish more doctors knew about this without jumping on the symptomatic prescription drug train,

    1. Oh man, Vanessa, what scary situation! I am so sorry you had to go through all of that before you were able to get with a private doctor to really get to the root of the problem. It’s so crazy how our bodies react to certain things and in which way they react. I’m so happy to hear you have found relief (emotionally and physically) and can move forward with your life!

      1. Hi Loriel, I was wondering what your symptoms were if you don’t mind saying the. I’ve had the same sharp chest pain after dairy, but something I found out about it was that it always starts as neck pain (towards the bottom of the neck. Cheese is the worst, it makes my chest hurt so much that I can’t even stand sometimes.

  2. I went through a similar experience with chest pains and other symptoms. I thought I was going to die.

    After months of misery and medical tests, my doctor discovered my gallbladder was sick, so I had it removed. I had been eating mostly clean until a few days ago after I tried to juice fast. My body revolted, and I went on a pizza binge. Yesterday, I ate a bratwurst on a regular bun and a couple of pierogies dipped in sour cream and some cheese cubes, just for good measure.

    Last night, I had chest pains again for the first time in months. I suspected a dairy intolerance before, but after finding out about my gallbladder, I chalked up those symptoms to that. Guess not.

    I’m glad to know that I’m not the only one who experiences chest pains from dairy. Thanks for sharing your story. It makes me feel better to know without a doubt that dairy intolerance can cause chest pain. It’s really scary.

    Sorry if this posted twice. I lost my internet connection for a second after hitting submit.

    1. It never ceases to amaze me how our bodies work and react to certain things. I hope you find the solution because I agree, it is really scary when you have pains that feel like a heart attack and you’re never sure if it will actually trigger one. Hugs!

  3. I just had chest pains so bad that I almost called 911 and looked this up. Thanks for your site. Yes I did just eat ice cream. Definitely makes me want to stop eating it. Thanks

  4. Hi
    I had chest and upper abdomen pains 3 months after I had my second son . At first it felt like the worse indigestion I’d ever had but slowly got worse . I didn’t know what it was and was climbing the walks with a constant pain all day . My doctor thought I had a stomach ulcer !? As my symptons were strange . I had a horrid endoscope , where nothing was found .
    After a year of suffering I went for an intolerance test . It flagged up intolerances to Cows Dairy and Wheat . Although I was sceptical of this I decided to go along with a crazy diet , cutting out both of these and doing a rapid detox . I lost alot of weight , and being tall and slim this was not good .
    I spoke to my doctor again and he advised to cut out one thing at a time . I cut out wheat and felt a bit better but not totally . It wasn’t until I cut out cows dairy I felt pretty much totally better after a Month .
    I then saw an amazing consultant at the hospital who arranged simple Lactose intolerance test ” as a start ” to find out what was going on with me, then hey ho ! I came up Lactose Intolerant .
    I have also found that I can’t eat bread . I experience small intestine cramp as late as 24 hrs after eating it . It’s like clockwork !
    I now live on Rice Milk and goats cheese & wheel free pitta bread .
    Lactose free cheese I’m trying but not convinced its the protein in cows milk which is the problem , which cannot be taken out of this product .

    Good luck everyone
    Hope you get your issues resolved . What I’ve learnt through all this is :
    Keep on at your doctor , write a food diary . And don’t take no for an answer !
    God bless

      1. Wow, loriel!…how similar your story is to mine. After having my son, I developed all kinds of crazy allergies and auto immune things. I lived at the ER for almost two years untill a functional medicine dr had me eliminate soy, gluten, and dairy…I’m healing up now, doing much better. Yes I too had severe cheat pains, I could barely function from them, as well as jaw and left arm pain. All cardiac workups were fine. Still get them if I eat something that’s been contaminated with any of my allegies, or near pms…really strange too….but I am no where near as sick as I was before starting this crazy diet. Thank goodness the lord brought help my way!

        1. I have also found my chest pain is worse a few days before my
          period …….almost like trapped air. Completely gluten free for the last few months . Guess I will cut dairy out and see if it helps.

  5. Just wanted to tell you that I had the exact same thing happen–starting two weeks to the day after I stopped nursing my son. He was 1 year old. Experienced daily chest pain, heartburn and shoulder pain for the last 3 years, usually all day long. Went through all the expensive tests, 4 doctors, no one caught it. At an annual vision exam my eye doctor took my health history and suggested giving up dairy. 24 hours later, symptom free. A life changer. I also suffer from pmdd that started around the same time and am curious if the two are connected. It’s been 2 weeks now and I’m feeling marvelous! 🙂

    1. Oh my gosh, Anna! Every time I hear a story similar to yours, my mind is blown. It’s amazing how something so simple like dairy can affect us in such a huge way. I am SO incredibly happy that you finally found the root cause of the problem. And thank goodness for professionals that look outside of the “box.”

  6. I stumbled across this from googling lactose intolerance and chest pain. I have been having reoccurring chest pain for SIX months! In November, I was diagnosed with gallstones and had a lap cholecystectomy. I was singing praises that my pain would finally go away…sadly, it didn’t! I had started trying it to tie it to food or an activity…something had to explain it! I’m a RN, so naturally, I want to diagnose myself. LOL. Yesterday evening, all I had for dinner was a small bowl of vanilla ice cream and woke up with the worst chest pain today. I can’t remember every incident of pain, but I do remember that when this pain began, I was on a cruise and eating ice cream frequently. Today, I’m going dairy free and praying that is the culprit!

  7. Thanks much for this post. I haven’t had chest “pain,” but have experienced a lot of chest tightness and mild shortness of breath (not out of breath, but feeling like I can’t breathe as deeply as I want). Since I have had cardiac issues (stent for a blockage in 2014), of course the first thought is that it’s heart-related. After stress echo tests, chest x-rays to rule out congestive heart failure, switching blood pressure medication to see if that was the culprit, etc., it finally dawned on me that it might be a food allergy, and Googled dairy allergy and chest tightness and found your post. I had an anaphylactic reaction to eggs in June of 2014 (bad year!), and ever since then, my body has seemed to be on high alert for any type of allergen. I suspected dairy allergy because I noticed when I recently drank kefir (which I love), that my lips felt a little numb, so I stopped that. Then a couple of times when I ate fresh mozzarella cheese, I felt a weird sensation in my throat, so I stopped eating that. But the chest tightness was happening pretty much every day, and I hadn’t really connected it to dairy, since I was still eating butter, sour cream, and other kinds of cheese with no classic allergy symptoms. I love iced coffee with cream, and had been having that every morning. But, after reading this post, I went off all dairy for a week, and lo and behold, the chest tightness subsided. Then, after about a week, I decided to test things by having an iced coffee with cream, and the tightness came right back. This realization has been very recent, and I haven’t been allergy tested for dairy yet, but I think I can add that to the list of foods that I have to avoid now. What’s strange is that I’m 63 years old, and other than occasional mild indigestion when I ate eggs or tofu, I never had any allergic reactions until that very scary anaphylaxis episode last year. Now, I’m highly allergic to eggs, soy, kiwi, and I strongly think to dairy, as well. Thanks for posting your experience–it sure helped point me in the right direction.

    1. Jane, I am SO happy to hear my post helped you pin point something most doctor’s couldn’t. It can be so frustrating to have something happening to your body but no one else seems to think anything is wrong. I wish you the best of health!

  8. Hi,

    I too have a slightly scratchy/ticklish sensation in my easophagus, which quickly changes to pain that can radiate to my jaw and left arm. During such times, I also experience a little phlegm. I have had a cardiac workup, chest Ct, and all sort of blood tests. Everything is fine.

    My chest pain seems to be triggered by exertion and my gastro attributes it to acid reflux. Esomaprazole does seem to control the pain.

    Could this acid reflux be due to dairy intolerance? Also, can I consume yoghurt or curd if I have dairy intolerance?

  9. Yep, I looked up my question, worried I’m having a serious problem, which landed me here on your site. I just ate a hot dog with no bread, and ice cream for a late dinner. Lying in bed trying to get sleepy, all of a sudden I’m having this sharp pain when I take a deep breath, or even a moderate breath. Sharp sharp sharp. Funny thing is, looking back, I remember having a similar pain when I was a kid one time. I’ve been avoiding dairy in large/regular portions for months now, and just splurged and had a full cup. Thanks for your post, I’ll only call the doctor now if it gets worse.

    1. I stumbled across this post…I recently had my gallbladder removed and have developed chest pain tightness and shortness of breath on 3 occasions and I think I’ve related it to dairy. What I found interesting about your post is I remember feeling this way sometimes when I was a kid, too! But never after the age of 10 and I am 27 now. Crazy.

  10. Hi, I had the same problem and solved on the same way 🙂
    But I think we need to avoid saturated fats in bigger quantity from all sources…

  11. Oh my gosh! After two years of suffering chest pains and anxiety I recently discovered my IgG food allergies to most grains and dairy. I switched to a WFPB diet and I don’t have them anymore except in times of extreme stress. Dairy also gives me general bone and muscle pain. I’ve never seen anyone else with this issue until now. I hate that you’ve struggled with it but I’m glad you’ve figured it out! Just came across your blog looking for a cracker recipe. Can’t wait to read more!

  12. Hi Loriel! I just found your article on dairy and chest pains last night! I’ve also been experiencing chest pains. I started noticing it in the fall. They would come on an hour or so after I had a chai tea latte (made with cow’s milk). I assumed it was the caffeine! But nope…it was the dairy! Thanks for your information! I’m happy to hear that you figured this out. Who would have thought?

    1. Hey Ann. I think it’s really ironic you’re talking about a chai tea latte made with cows milk because right this very second I am writing a post on how my dairy sensitivity came back after my daughter was born. I created a recipe for a chai tea latte using coconut milk and I’m working on getting it published to the blog. Too funny.

      I’m so glad you figured out it was dairy. It never ceases to amaze me what food can do to our bodies.

  13. What type of Doctor finally helped? My 17 year old has been tested (positive) for a milk allergy. We have been to an ENT with little help. A Gastroenterologist perhaps? Thanks

  14. I have been suffering from chest pains all my life I’m so sick of it went threw all test everything is clear stopped eating milk bread diary products but nothing comes to be OK I’m so sad and frustrated any can advice me please

  15. hi Loriel

    I had the same exact symptoms for 7 years before I worked out what it was!!! The pain didn’t start until about 3 years after the birth of my first daughter and got a lot worse after the birth of my second child 5 years later. I have Hashimoto’s and I had recurrent miscarriage after my first but once I gave up gluten, my son was carried to term. My daughter has since been diagnosed with coeliacs disease and I do not eat gluten anymore. Although I am mostly lactose free these days (soya milk is best) and in so much less pain, when I do slip, I now get sinusitis and chest pain. DO NOT CONTAMINATE YOURSELF – stay strong, as the symptoms may only get worse. My son has just been diagnosed with an egg allergy so I would say we are a family of allergies! In today’s food markets, it is always possible to find an alternative. Good luck.

  16. I have been grain free for 2 years due to acne. Then I went Paleo for almost 6 months and that cleared it pretty well, until I started cheating. I have been cheating with grass fed dairy, ice cream and chocolate for the last 2 months and started having some sharp pains on the left side of my ribs/chest, when moving and breathing. I wasn’t sure if it was due to running more or if I had something wrong with me. At the same time, my acne exploded again, but on many places on my body as well as face. I am starting to notice a pattern that the pains start right after eating chocolate, cheese and ice cream. I think! I am also having some tightness behind my left shoulder on my back. Looking up milk allergy, I see muscle tightness is a symptom and many with chest pains. So thank you for this post. I am trying to commit to the Autoimmune Protocol for 30-60 days to try to heal my gut and watch these symptoms. I am almost 40 and sensitivities are getting stronger and stronger now. No fun, but interesting.

  17. Hi Loriel, although this is an older post, I just read it while googling dairy intolerance and chest pains. My chest pain started about 6 months ago and I eliminated caffeine, coffee, and tea. I was on prilosec for 3 months and pepcid at night for two weeks, with no change. I looked at my breakfast one morning – bagel with cream cheese – and said could it be dairy? I did an elimination diet and felt better immediately. I just did an endoscopy this morning and was told they found very little out of line. It was so disheartening. How does this suddenly happen? I also had bagels again last week and the pain was back. So now I’m thinking it could be dairy plus maybe a gluten allergy. Thank you for your post! I’m going to check out the diet. I understand about cutting out dairy – it’s no fun. Thanks again – this was an eye opener and helped me today deal with the discouragement.

    1. I’m glad you’re one step closer. It really is so hard dealing with something and no one seems to know the answer. Sending you lots of vibes that you’ll figure it out and be pain-free soon.

  18. I know that anyone experiencing chest pain due to eating dairy products is not good, but I am so thankful that you shared!! I am wondering if that is why I have chest pain every once in a while. Some days it is worse and others not at all. I thought I was having a heart attack once 6 months ago, but everything came back normal. I feel relieved that everyone has shared this is what is happening to them because I am going to ‘test the waters’ and see if my chest pain doesn’t come back when I eliminate dairy completely, instead of eating dairy and taking a lactose pill. Thanks again!

  19. I am so glad you posted this! I have had this issue since march of this year and just like many others landed in the er once it got really bad. I have always had a milk allergy but it always just upset my stomach never chest pain. Being allergic and not just I tolerant sucks! When I do cheat and start to not feel well, I do notice if I chug some water and take some benadryl (either liquid or chewable) it eases the pain rather quickly. Good luck to you. 🙂

  20. I am very surprised nobody has mentioned your thyroid. If tested your thyroid (TSH), be aware that the numbers used by many Dr’s are not a correct measure. Even half a point on TSH makes a huge difference. It sounds like you also have issue with “Casein”, a protein found in dairy. This can especially cause issue when GMO. Soy is also a problem with many who have casein issues, due to similar structure.

    1. I can’t find where to comment. Well I am a liver transplanted patient. I had my transplant 2 years ago. November 2016 I ended up with food poisoning and since then I’ve been unwell. Well really since July 2016 I’ve had aggravted heartburn and so on. They have done an endoscopy and I have a health stomach etc. Well anyway since end of November I have been suffering from a very painful upper abdomen and chest pain. When I eat egg, it is bad! I end up vomiting and with diarrhoea and just out of it. However even when I am not having egg I get this pain but without the diarrhoea and vomiting. What could it be? I have stopped drinking full fat milk because that causes diarrhoea sometimes. They had a look at my pancreas too but found nothing. I’m going crazy with pain! Nothing relieves it. I’m on lanzaprazole. Any idea?

  21. Oh my goodness I am so glad I found this! You’ve described by symptoms to a tee! Last night I had some ice cream and was throwing it all up about an hour later and it dawned on me…..why does ice cream, Alfredo, heavy creams etc. make me so sick lately? And are the chest pains I’ve been having for 2 MONTHS daily that no doc can figure out related to this?? I googled chest pains and lactose intolerance and found your blog! Wow! So today I didn’t have any dairy in my coffee, I used almond. I also didn’t have dairy with lunch. So far… pain. Coincidence? I don’t know, if I don’t have pain ALL day I’ll be shocked. I’ve had it every single day since November!

  22. Ditto. Post child I too developed chest pains. Went to ER many times over the years. Heart is great. Doctors are confused. Also had faux gallbladder pain. Quit dairy and bingo. No pain. Started having small amounts again and short small chest pains have returned. It’s just too scary. No more dairy for me! Hope a scientist sees this and does research. Certainly seems worthy of further investigation!!!

  23. Hi Loriel – I am so glad I googled chest pain and food and your article came up! Reading through your article and all the great comments by the readers, I’m convinced my issues are food-related. I have been experiencing chest pains for the last 6 months and it’s been more frequent in the past month than ever before and I can almost tie it in with specific things I’ve eaten, especially ice cream and yogurt (a bit less obvious when consuming cheese). I just had coffee with milk and my chest pains started almost within 30 minutes – my light bulb moment came after reading one of the comments on how milk was the problem, not the caffeine. I hope I succeed in this because I just love dairy. Thank you so much!

  24. I feel blessed to have found your blog. Being an xray tech, I don’t run to the doctor. I did have an ekg at work one evening that was normal. But the chest pains started being frequent enough to get my attention. I’m 68 and very active. I have a horse I try to ride as often as I can. But I am going to cut out my beloved milk and butter and confirm your diagnosis. But I, too, would really like to know how they are connected. Have you found out yet? Thanks!

  25. Wow it was great to find this article in 2020 and see all the comments. I’ve been suffering with bloating and chest pains since 2013. I was diagnosed with celiac disease. Despite being gluten free I’d still have chest issues. Sometimes I’d cheat and have crackers and not get sick, which threw me off on the celiac diagnosis. Stress test, multiple ER visits, EGD’s, etc, and I was told my gallbladder wasn’t functioning properly. When they injected my with the solution, I felt the exact same chest pain. They said it was meant to substitute for fatty milk to make the gallbladder work. It made me realize that dairy is causing my issue. Such a bummer, but glad to know. I hate when I cheat. Instantly reminded cheating is bad. I have not tried any of the medication to help with dairy digestion.

  26. hi loriel
    i am from India, I find a peculiar situation on eating dairy. I find jaw pain. Sometimes the jaw pain comes on walking, sometimes when i am asleep, but if i distract myself it goes off. But just to mention i am an athelete jogging and walking for several KMs and a weights trainer. It happens only when i cheat on milk products which i usually avoid which i am allergic to.

    1. just forgot to add, since cardiac pain spreads to the jaw and left arm, i was very worried, but i spoke to the ER physician and he told me nothing to worry. I think either it is casein or the junk of chemicals and hormones of cow’s milk.

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