Positive Hopes For the Future of Eliminating GMOs + a Photo with Jeffrey Smith!

Positive Hopes for the Future of Eliminating GMOs + An Exciting Photo With Jeffrey Smith

Some people dream about meeting celebrities like Angelina Jolie, Kobe Bryant and Brad Pitt…

Myself, on the other hand dream of meeting people like world renown anti-GMO activist Jeffrey Smith, Joel Salatin (the “crazy lunatic” farmer from Virginia) and Heather from the popular and amazing blog, Mommypotamus. Yup, I am a bit of a dork.

I am happy to say that one of my dreams came true the other night! No, I didn’t meet Mommypotamus or Joel Salatin but I did have a 30 second encounter with Jeffrey Smith. Like, I literally had my arm around him, took a picture with him and got to say a few short things like, “I was really involved with Prop 37 and can’t wait to do things around here. Thank you for everything.”

I really wish I would have said, “Thank you for being such an inspiration” but I’ve never met anyone famous and between the racing heartbeat and nerves, my mind went blank. All I could think about was that he said yes to me taking a picture with him!

That was one of those (many) times I wish I was witty and could think really well on my feet!

I have never really been to lectures/speakings before but let me tell you what, that man can speak! The passion and eloquence that exhibits through his words is unbelievable. I wish everyone had a chance to listen to him because I guarantee if they had any iffy thoughts about whether GMOs were safe or not, they would be convinced they were doing damage by the end of the 40 minute presentation– guaranteed.

He just speaks it so well. Everything is so easy to understand and flows so well. No wonder he’s the leading anti-GMO activist in the world!

I’ve gotta be honest– As everyone around me gasped and shuddered when Smith announced certain stats, the host of diseases GMOs and glyphosate were linked to, I couldn’t help but feel incredibly lucky that I already knew everything he said! It was actually exactly what I needed to hear because it empowered, motivated and excited me about finishing up the GMO ebook that I started back in September.

It gave me the confidence to know that I could create an ebook to help guide people understand what GMO’s are, how to avoid them and how to be proactive– from the smallest act to the biggest.

But besides feeling excited about my ebook, I became motivated about the GMO issue again. I’ve kinda been like, slacking in that department. Not many people want to hear about GMOs and you sorta get a little discouraged.

Let’s face it– learning about GMO’s can be kind of, well, depressing. When you become aware that a multi-billion dollar biotech company like Monsanto has plans to replace nature with all their patented seeds, creates seeds that literally kill bugs when they take a bite of a food crop (that you indefinitely eat)  and works so diligently to keep you in the dark about what is in your food, you almost feel like you are living in one of those sci-fi horror movies.

It’s a hard burden to carry. I know, trust me.

At times it feels like it can’t get worse, but then you hear of something else even worse happening. Most times, victory seems absolutely out of reach. You’re just a little person in this huge world facing companies that almost have more power than our government, so what can you do, right?

Well, just like Jeffrey Smith said the other night; the great thing about this cause, the anti-GMO cause in particular, is that it is not a policy changer. This cause is completely in the hands of the people– people like you and I. Mothers, fathers, sisters, daughters, grandparents, teachers, have the power to change the world.

And if you have ever wanted to do something bigger than yourself, now is the time. Jeffrey Smith made an amazing point in his lecture: there has never been a time in the history of human evolution that the actions of our generation can drastically save the future of our children, our children’s children, and our children’s children’s children. The health of our future depends on what WE do now.

We’ve got the money. We’ve got the voice. We’ve got the power.

These companies can’t run when we don’t spend our money with them, right? It is our job to put our money where our mouth is.

No idea where to start? Well according to Jeffrey Smith on January 16, 2014 Post announced they are having their Grape-Nuts cereal become Non-GMO Project Verified.

This is much different that what Cheerios has done. Cheerios have not become verified by the Non-GMO Project. Instead, they are claiming their products are GE free by switching the GE sugar beets to cane sugar and GE corn syrup to a non-GE source.

But I don’t think they are proud because they have only put the little label on the side of the box, not front and center and still believe GMOs are good for people.

So let’s start by congratulating Post Grape-Nuts on their road to becoming Non-GMO Project Verified! Although I don’t personally eat cereal, the fact of the matter is that they are moving in the right direction. Let them know on their Facebook page, through emails, through phone calls that you are SO excited they are becoming Non-GMO Verified.

Once the other companies see not only how much praise Post is receiving from consumers but that more consumers are spending their money with Grape Nuts because of the Project Verified symbol, big companies will all flock to get their products verified as well.

And then, as you see, it will be a snowball effect to eliminating GMOs altogether.

Another thing you can do is rent or buy Genetic Roulette and show it to your friends and family

I guarantee after watching the documentary, their minds will start turning and they will realize you are not some crazy, conspiracy-theorist, tree-hugging, organic-loving, hippie. Well, maybe you are a little crazy and love trees, organics and being a hippie but at least they will see you are not completely out of your mind. 😉

Case in example: I’ve been telling my father-in-law about GMO’s for the longest time and it finally clicked in his mind when he heard Jeffrey Smith speak on a TV show for about one minute…. one minute! He started telling me all about the corn and the poison and the bugs as if I had no idea what he was talking about…

… yeah, I am just a 23 year old… what do I know about GMOs?

What I’m trying to say, is sometimes people need to hear it from the experts to believe everything you have said all along! Don’t take it personally, that’s just how they function and at least the message will have come across.

The most important thing is that there are positive hopes for the future of eliminating GMOs. This is the first time in a long time I actually can see a little bit of light at the end of the tunnel.

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  1. I just found your blog through Bloggers Alliance. I met Jeffrey Smith last week when he was in Durham for an event. Like you, I was super nervous to meet him! I got a photo with him as well and was more excited to meet him than if it was someone like Brad Pitt. Look forward to following along!

    1. That’s awesome you met him too! Yes, I would take Jeffrey Smith over Brad Pitt any day. I’m glad you understand and don’t think I’m crazy. 😉

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