How to be Inspired to Save for Your Dream Vacation (Or Anything Your Heart Desires)

Besides when I was a small child, there was about a 6 month time span in my life that I had absolutely no responsibilities.

I grew up pretty quickly (most who know me say I have an old soul) and had to fend for myself during my teenage years so I never felt the freedom of not having responsibility for anything but myself.

In August of 2008 I had moved from California to Florida at 18 years old, got my SCUBA diving instructor license, and by November of 2008, was trying to make a life for myself in Tampa.

Towards the end of 2009, I went through a bad breakup, I was homeless, had no car, no money (had to borrow money from people just to make it to work), 2 big dogs to care for, and was almost fired because I wasn’t “selling enough” at the SCUBA shop.

There needed to be a change, and it needed to happen quick.

Because I was 19 I had no credit so I ended up taking out a loan for a Saturn at one of those “no-credit” car places. I ended up paying almost triple what it was worth, but I got a car.

I moved around a little and finally found a stable, clean, positive home to be in. The only problem was that there was no backyard and I had 2 big dogs that needed space to run. I worked from 9am to 10pm most nights so by the time I got home I was really tired — which meant just letting the dogs go outside to go pee and that’s it.

2010 came and I committed to myself that I was no longer going to live paycheck to paycheck. I was tired of it and I didn’t want to live that way anymore. I read books on setting goals (Maximum Achievement is the book that started it all for me), saving money, and becoming a good saleswoman. I set many goals those couple nights before 2010 but of those, I set a lofty goal to save $5000 by the end of 2010. I also wrote a list of everything I wanted in a person in my journal, and agreed I wouldn’t settle for any less (this is another story in itself that I’ll share in November).

Even though it was really, really hard to do, I found a no-kill shelter for Tyson (one of my dogs) and sent Delilah (who I brought with me from California) back to California to stay with my ex-boyfriend. There was no way I could care for 2 dogs the way they should have been cared for.

By February I was a free woman, for the first time in my life.

No relationship. No dogs. No financial burden. Just me, myself, and I working hard towards achieving the goals I set for myself. Every week I would calculate where I was money-wise, and where I needed to be.

To make a long story, somewhat shorter, I ended up saving that $5000 6 months early. What an amazing triumph.

But then, before I knew it, it was gone. I fell in love, got pregnant, got married, skipped a honeymoon, became a family, quit my job to stay home with my son and this all happened within about 9 months time.

Setting goals to save money became much harder to do on a one-income tight budget. It still is.

When I saved that $5000 in 6 months, it was hugely because I didn’t have to worry about anyone or anything else. Having a child and a family on only one income makes it much, much harder. Definitely not impossible, but much harder.

Scott and I have been talking about saving up money to go somewhere seriously amazing like Fiji or Greece for our honeymoon that we never had. Nope, we’re not afraid to dream big. Remember, anything is possible if you really want it. We’ve been talking about saving since 2010 but haven’t saved anything specifically for that.

Life gets in the way, that’s for sure.

I tried to put up jars in my room for Scott and I to put extra coins and dollars in but that didn’t work. I tried a few other things but nothing seemed to work. Nothing was motivating. Nothing was inspiring. And in order to make things happen, you need that special fire, that burning desire deep in your soul to achieve what you want.

Then I stumbled upon this post on making a “honey fund.”


That fire ignited in me and I knew that this was what we needed. Something that was in our face constantly and excited us every time we saw it. It was really perfect timing because I’ve wanted to hang up my dream board (sharing this next week!) for quite some time now but kept putting it off. Not anymore! The burning desire to start making our dreams come true was finally there again and this little dream fund box would make the perfect addition.

The next day I went to Michaels, got everything I needed, and assembled it. I ended up buying two; one for “our better-late-then-never honeymoon fund” and one for “our somewhere tropical fund.”

The fabulous part about this little dream fund box is that you can use it for ANYTHING your heart desires. Do you want a new MAC computer? Put a picture in the frame and hang it up on your wall. Are you really wanting to become a yoga instructor but lacking the funds? Put a picture in the frame and hang it up on your way.

ANYTHING you want. Put it in there. Nothing is impossible my friend!

I’m confident we’re going to fill those boxes up and be on our way to Fiji or Greece and I hope it inspires you to save for your dream vacation or save for whatever your heart desires.


How to be Inspired to Save for Your Dream Vacation (Or Anything Your Heart Desires)
  • Top loading shadow box (Find them at Michael's or this frame would work)
  • Metallic silver or gold sharpie
  • Photograph of your "dream"
  • Glue
  • White scrap book paper (if you want to create a border around the image), cut to size
  • Hardware to hang up shadow box
  • Nail polish remover, to erase if you mess up
  1. Remove all packaging; remove stock photograph that came with the frame
  2. Glue or tape your dream photo to your cut-to-size scrapbook paper; attach to the back of the frame
  3. Write on the glass with your sharpie (i.e., "new computer fund" or "our trip to Hawaii fund")
  4. Hang it up on a wall that you will see OFTEN.
  5. Step back, be inspired, and place your first bill in there.

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  1. I really love this post! About a year ago I kind of “woke up” and realized my life didn’t have any real direction. I was basically just getting through each day. I started a dream board, began to dream and get a vision for my future and set goals. I love to read about others who are going places and doing things! The shadow box is a cool idea!

    1. Thank you! I am getting the pieces together for my dream board and will share it on here as well. It is definitely inspiring to read about others who have “woken up” and realize that the crummy, meaningless life they are living can be changed. It’s amazing the power of the mind!

        1. Yay! I hope you are able to get it soon. It is such a good book. It’s a little slow in the beginning but if you push through it, you’ll be pleasantly surprised. Good luck!

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