Step 10: Switch From Low-Fat to Whole-Fat Dairy Products

This part 10 of my video series, Switch Over to a Real Food Lifestyle in 10 Easy Steps. You can view the introduction video here, step 1 here, step 2 here, step 3 here, and step 4, and step 5, step 6, step 7, step 8 and step 9. Don’t forget that you can buy your own copy of How to Switch Over to a Real Food Lifestyle in 10 Easy Steps and follow along while we take this journey (it’s only $4.99).

**Note: This video concludes the series. It has been an amazing journey with you and I hope you don’t end your journey here. Keep learning, keep inspiring, keep trying!

Switch from Low-Fat to Whole-Fat Dairy Products

Sorry I’m not sorry to break it to you that low-fat dairy is not the way to go. In this video, I talk about why low-fat is not a good choice and what to use instead.

The last step of our journey is switching over from low-fat products to whole-fat products. Let’s get this clear once and for all: low fat products are terrible for your health. There is really nothing good about them. All the natural occuring vitamins and minerals are found in the fatty — or cream portion — part of the milk. When you take a low-fat or zero-fact product, it basically has nothing, right? All the cream has been taken out and actually, it’s such an unappetizing color that before it is put in stores to sell, they put in a powdered milk solid to make it appear like milk.

The problem with this milk solid is that it actually oxides the cholesterol in it which can cause free radicals, which as we know can cause inflammation. So really, there is nothing good about it.

Another bad thing with skim products is that traditionally they’ve been used to fatten pigs. That’s a huge indicator that low-fat products really are not good. They don’t keep you full and honestly, they don’t taste good. Sticking to something that is natural like a whole-milk product is way better for your health. You want to make sure the whole-fat product comes from cows grazing on grass; pastured and happy.

Here is a source for finding raw milk near you.

Your challenge this week is to source a milk-product; it can be raw milk or cheese or whatever you want. Make sure you can find something organic or pastured. Sometimes you can find organic and sometimes you can find something considered beyond organic. They have the practices you want but don’t necessarily have the organic certification. Here is a list of questions to ask a dairy farmer if you’re uncertain about their practices.

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