The Easy No-Research Approach to Creating a Pollinator-Friendly Garden

When I thought I was smart, I didn’t think flowers were a necessity to have in my garden. Why use precious space with flowers when I could grow more food?

Now that I am wiser, I have realized that flowers are an absolute necessity to have in garden and for two good reasons: to deter pests in a natural way and to create a pollinator-friendly garden to help with pollination of veggies (which then helps the pollinators!).

Plus, who doesn’t love the beauty and vibrance that flowers radiate?

Funny how life changes you and enables you to grow so you can think outside of your little box, right?

So, this gardening season I decided to dedicate a portion of my garden space to flowers. But, I’m not talking just ANY flower; I’m talking specific flowers that help attract the bees, butterflies, and any other beneficial insects to the garden.

One of the best ways to do this is by researching native plants to your area and including those in your garden landscape. Doing this, requires a bit of research and work on your end which is great when you have the time.

However, if you’re like me and it was all you could do to get your garden in (super late into the season), having a more convenient alternative is always a plus.

SeedsNow’s pre-mixed pollinator-friendly scatter gardens have saved my butt.

With their honeybee and butterfly habitat scatter garden, I’m now enjoying beautiful vibrant pink, red, and white flowers. There are still flowers that haven’t bloomed yet and I’m excited to see what they look like. All I had to do was open the bag, scatter, and water. Yes.

And it’s made the front of the chicken coop much prettier, don’t you think? The girls agree!

I briefly mentioned why I’m making a conscious effort to include flowers in the beginning of the post, but wanted to touch on it a little more. If you haven’t heard already, our pollinators are under major threat and decline. By making a conscious effort to include flowers in your garden that bees and butterflies love, you’re doing your part in creating a healthy and safe habitat.

Flowers like calendula, marigold, and nasturtium do a great job of deterring various pests in your garden so you can reduce the need (or urge) to use harmful pesticides. This year in my square foot garden, I’ve put marigolds on all four corners of my beds, including various herbs that also aid in deterring harmful bugs.

Next year I’ll be a bit more prepared and get this edible flower garden kit so not only do I get pretty flowers that attract beneficial bugs and pollinators, I also get to eat them (and if the chickens get lucky, I guess they can have some too).

Do you include flowers in your vegetable garden? What is your favorite to include?

This post is sponsored by SeedsNow and contains affiliate links. However, the opinions and photos are of my own. Authenticity is important so I would never promote any brand or product that I wholeheartedly don’t believe in. My readers are my number one priority and I only recommend companies and products that I believe will benefit my readers.

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  1. Your garden is just lovely!. Calendula is a favourite in my garden!
    I adore Cosmos! I think it’s one of the most delightful flowers ever!
    Providing food for our pollinators is important. Thanks for sharing!

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