The Thing About Chickens… and Life

Call me crazy, but I actually enjoy being outside, working in my chicken coop. Yup, even the whole raking-the-chicken-poop part.

Let’s face it — being a blogger is great because it gives me the freedom to stay at home with my son, share my experiences and my new recipes with you. I get to meet cool, like-minded people who believe that food should be non-GMO, products should be free of chemicals and want to live a more simpler, natural lifestyle. The one — major — drawback of being a growing blogger is the amount of time being stuck to the computer and the phone. Customer service is what it’s about and there is nothing worse then leaving a comment on your favorite blogger’s blog post with like, an important question and not getting anything in return.

Been there. Done that.

Which is why I strive to stay on top of everything blog related and make sure I respond to comments on the blog and on my social media platforms  in a timely fashion.

BUT. Sometimes it sucks. You know, being stuck to a computer for a good portion of the day.

As much as I advocate for a natural life and getting a good dose of fresh air and natural energy from being outside, I find myself inside, sitting — a lot.

And that’s where the chickens come into play. The thing about chickens is that they require you to go outside. They require you to take a break, disconnect and care for them. Yes, my son requires me to take a break, disconnect and care for him but sometimes this Mama doesn’t want to talk to anyone and just wants to be.

I love just being with my chickens. I love how their heads pop up when they hear me walking back to the coop. I love being in there, watching them just do their chicken thang, softly clucking and doing other chicken type stuff. It’s so calming and so peaceful. I love finding grub piles along my fence line and shoveling it into a bucket and breaking a sweat. The best part is while I’m walking back to the coop to dump it out in the run, the chickens literally follow me and know what’s coming. The moment I dump that bucket, all 6 girls jump on the pile and get to digging and scratching and finding bugs. Their little chicken hearts are so content and it totally brings me joy. It’s the small things.

I know, super sappy but it’s so true.

Just the other day, Scott and I were outside in the coop, feeding the girls some weeds and bugs and I had a little moment. I thought about my amazing husband who has thoroughly supported me in all my ventures from day one. I thought about my incredible son who is constantly teaching me what life is about and challenging me to be a better person each day.

I thought about my crazy little cat Lilly and how we got so lucky to have a cat with a great personality — even if she gets crazy sometimes. I thought about my chickens who were initially going to become dinner once they stopped laying eggs but we grew attached to them so now they’re pets.

It made me realize how incredibly lucky I am and my heart swelled with love and contentment.  Even though our life can be really hectic and there are a million unfinished projects with a zero budget, including lots of dreams and wants, I really have all I need right in my little bubble. Family and pets and just being is what life is all about.

Who knew chickens could create such a moment like this?


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  1. Wow! I could not have said it better myself. My family have recently started raising chickens as well and I am amazed at how quickly they own your heart.
    We have six girls as well and they were living in our basement up until last night. They have transitioned well and will spend all day and most of tomorrow in their new coup so they realize that this is now home.
    Every chicken has a unique and individual personality. Miss Ruby who is one of my chickens, is the smallest right now (they are 5 1/2 weeks old). She isn’t as good at jumping/flying yet but she tries her best. Clucky loves to explore as well as Loki and Derp. These three will thoroughly check out the coup and of course they were the first ones to try the new roosting pole.
    Thank you for your wonderful blog. I am really enjoying it. Take care.

    1. It’s so nice to see them outside, doing their chicken thing with their hearts full! Mine sound like ducks which is kinda funny. I’m wondering if that is just an age thing and next year they’ll be full-on bawking and clucking. I have one girl (the New Hampshire Red) that eats just about anything and I think if it weren’t for her, the other girls would be too chicken (ba-dum-chhh) to try new foods. 🙂 Love their personalities. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts and your girls’ personalities!

  2. Thank you for sharing your love of chickens. I too have raised chickens and roosters, finding them to be wonderful companions and a soothing balm for the soul. I was hoping to post one of my photos of a Dominique rooster sleeping in my lap while three others gathered around and slept on my feet. Raising these from 3 day chicks was such a joy, however not knowing if they were roosters or hens was interesting, ie. I “thought” there were two roos and two hens, so I named them, “Rocky”, “Edwina”, “Ginger” and “Willie” accordingly. They grew and eventually became free range, flocking to me when I came out the back kitchen door, perching on my arms, shoulders…. head!!! They were the best “pets” ever! Alas, I had to move and made the choice to let a fellow chicken raiser have my babies. The very morning he was to pick up the TWO hens and TWO roosters, I was awakened with a strange sound outside my window. After a minute of listening, I realized that SOMEONE was practicing CROWING!!! Just a couple of weeks before time for them to start laying (I was so sad to miss this). I ran outside, peered through the privacy fence that they were on the opposite side of, to find EDWINA was crowing!!! I was baffled, amused and so happy for the maturity of my birds. My friend came to pick them up, strolled around to the back where we were all enjoying sweet grass and heavy petting… he broke out in laughter and announced, “Oh my goodness, you have FOUR spoiled rotten roosters”!!! I wish you could see the pictures and videos of my babies… I think you would appreciate them.

  3. Hi Loriel,
    I just came across your blog on Pinterest and I’m loving it! I’m surprised we haven’t crossed paths before. Your photography is gorgeous, I just followed you on instagram and can’t wait to see more of it! I write for ImaginAcres and Backyard Chicken Project, feel free to pop in and say hi, I’m glad to meet more like minded people!

  4. What a lovely post, and I could not agree more. When we got our chickens I had no idea how much I would enjoy just hanging out and watching them be chickens. And who knew that chickens could be so wildly entertaining?

    1. Right? I had no idea chickens could be so entertaining. I’ve literally contemplated bringing a chair into the coop and just sitting for a while. lol 🙂

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