Tour of the Adams’ Coop Company

Want to take a peak into my backyard and chicken coop?

Come on, I know you do.

Behind-the-scenes, real life stuff is so much fun when it comes to online people you “know.” It actually shows that I’m a real living person and I really do have things like chickens in my backyard.

Plus, you can take a peak at my really pathetic garden… Sigh. Let’s hope for a better garden haul in Spring!

Without further ado, here is a tour of the “Adams Coop Company.” We’re gettin’ laid since 2014 — yo.

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  1. LOVE the tour! The coop looks fantastic and the girls seem really happy. Up to 4 eggs a day now? Fantastic! Thanks for the tour of your chicken coop…you are doing a great job!

  2. Ahhh…big spiders coming out of the feeder! I’d be headed for the hills, lol, as I HATE spiders…they seriously creep me out!

    I LOVE the way you did a garden bed around the side of the run. I am SO gonna try that myself. I’m gonna grow herbs and Nasturtium I think. I have seeds for both non-climbing and climbing Nasturtium. It’d be pretty to have the climbing Nasturtium going up the fencing of the run and the non-climbing in with the herbs. It’s good for the chickens too and is a good peppery tasting addition to salads. You may want to give it a try and see how it grows in yours too…it might do good. It’s an annual, but I’ve read that reseads itself well. Any mint I grow this coming spring though is staying in pots though, as I didn’t bother to read up on just how invasive it is in the ground and I ended up finding out the hard way…oops, lol!

    Love the “We’re getting laid since 2014.” That cracks me up! Think I’m going to put something like that on my nest box. 🙂

    Oh, and I had made a comment on a different page of yours about whether your girl was really a pure bred Ameraucana or an Easter Egger, and judging from her coloring and what I saw of her in this video, she looks to be an Easter Egger (check out the link I provided that talks about the differences between Ameraucanas and Easter Eggers…it’s really easy to get them confused, but the link explains it well 🙂 ). A lot of Easter Eggers are that exact same color. She’s still a beautiful girl though. I hoping to someday get one that color. I have 3 Easter Eggers, two that look like yours with the muffs and beard (mine are all bantams though), only one is blue and the other has markings similar to yours – but she’s silver in color, and another with wild type coloring on her body and a black head – she has a crest too, so I haven’t a clue what she’s mixed with (Ameraucana is somewhere in her line, but some crested bird was in there too). Was told that her mother lays pink eggs. My other two lay blue-green eggs and have my fingers crossed she’ll lay the pink eggs like her mom, as she’s not started laying just yet.

    Thank you for the great ideas in your video! 🙂

  3. thanks fo your info I spend like $250 and mine , like you said I did’nt paint before so still all natural . Good to know about the food dispenser a was planing to make one, what about the whater .

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