Why I Ditched Dryer Sheets (and What I use Instead)

I ditched dryer sheets for a few reasons; learn more here!

Did you know…

Researchers found that all top-selling laundry products and air fresheners tested gave off at least one chemical regulated as toxic or hazardous under federal laws, but none of those chemicals was listed on the product labels; with paint thinner being one of the ingredients! (source)

Crazy right?

The main reason I ditched dryer sheets is because I wanted to reduce waste, save money, and eliminate toxins.

But to be honest, dryer sheets weren’t one of the first things that I cut completely from our home when we transitioned to a more a natural lifestyle. I remember the first thing I did was opt for a “natural” dryer sheet alternative with no scent because I was concerned with the toxins leaching from the smell. As I became more concerned with eliminating waste and saving as much money as we could on a natural lifestyle, I started researching my options to dryer sheets.

I Ditched Dryer Sheets for Wool Dryer Balls

A year ago, I purchased a set of wool dryer balls and have been very happy with them.

Wool dryer balls save you time because each load is dried faster. Each wool dryer ball can be reused hundreds of times which saves you money and helps reduce unnecessary waste. Yes!

The main purpose behind a dryer sheet is to eliminate static cling and to soften clothes. With wool dryer balls the natural fibers rub up against your clothes resulting in a softer feel and less static. They also fluff clothing by rolling in between the pieces, not allow them to clump up.

Another reason people use dryer sheets is because of the smell. Personally, I’m sensitive to smells and I feel intoxicated when I walk by a laundromat teeming with dryer sheets galore. However, if you enjoy your clothes to be scented, consider adding a few drops of lavender, orange, or lemon essential oil to the wool dryer balls towards the end of the cycle and run it on a lower temperature. 

I typically put about 3-4 wool dryer balls in a large load of laundry, but you can put fewer or more, depending how well you think they are working for you.

These are the wool dryer balls that I have used for the past year. If you prefer making them, here’s a great tutorial.

Refreshing Stinky Laundry without Dryer Sheets

I’m the queen of leaving a load of laundry in my washing machine; almost 80% of the time it’s the towels that I leave in there. Just ask Scott and how much he loves when I do that.

In fact, just the other day I had a washed load hanging out for two days. Hey, no judging. Thanks to my friend Tara over at We Got Real, she shared how to refresh stinky laundry naturally. Just white vinegar and your favorite essential oil and your family won’t be wondering why their towel smells like wet dog after they dry themselves off from a shower.

My favorite essential oils to add to re-fresh my stinky laundry is Citrus Fresh, Lavender, Purification, or Lemon essential oil!

You can grab high quality essential oils by clicking here.

wool dryer balls double as toys for kids, too

The only downside I have found from these is that they can also be used as a ball that is pelted at you from your 5 year old because he thinks it’s funny while you’re folding laundry. This results in wool dryer balls all over the house, but hey, whatever makes laundry fun, right?


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