Why I Don’t Make Cleaning Products From Scratch

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Living a natural lifestyle is all about making everything from scratch, right?

Wrong! I used to think that too, but when I became so deflated and tired and stressed from trying to do everything in a day, I realized this was not sustainable for myself or my family.

Living a natural lifestyle is not about stressing yourself out by trying to make everything with your own two hands; it’s about creating a sustainable, happy, and healthy life that works for you. It’s about being mindful of your choices, researching the best options for your family, and finding a system that works for you and your family — nobody else.

It’s easy to feel like you need to live up to some sort of “natural minded or ‘crunchy’ standard” but please, throw that out of the window. The reality is there is only so much you can do in a day and if you continue to overdo yourself, you’ll lose sight of what you love so much about the lifestyle.

Although there are many things that I make from scratch (like Kombucha, see my little helper up there?), there are also just as many things that I don’t make from scratch — natural cleaning products being one of them.

The truth is, I don’t enjoy cleaning. Can I get an amen here?  This means I really don’t enjoy experimenting with DIY cleaning recipes. Yes, most recipes are super easy to make but the truth is sometimes they either don’t work as good as store-bought (and sometimes those don’t work well) or they don’t work at all.

As a busy mom who is pregnant, caring for a 4 year old, working from home, caring for a backyard homestead, trying to be frugal, and trying to live a life of purpose, I pick and choose my battles; finding the right DIY cleaning recipe that works is not a battle I choose. Because Lord knows when I find the urge to clean the house between all my other duties, I want it to be over and done with as soon as possible.

So what do I use if I don’t make my own cleaning products?

Before I used to buy store-bought green cleaners but if you haven’t heard yet, most “green” cleaners really aren’t that green. Then, I was introduced to Branch Basics and it became my best friend.

Who knew a cleaning product could become the best friend of a woman who doesn’t like to clean? But it’s true!

I first tried it out on Scott’s work shirts to see if I could get the dirt ring around his collar (he spends his days outside on construction sites) to disappear and it did. Next I put it to the test on some stains on my white carpet.. and they came out (I’m planning to rent a

steam cleaner and put Branch Basics in it to clean my whole carpet — I’ll let you know about how that works with before and after photos).

I use it to remove my makeup, clean the toilets, wipe down the chicken coop, and wash our vehicles. I also use it to wipe down my counters, clean my mirrors, scrub the baseboards, on mold in my shower since we have crappy ventilation, and I’ve even wiped my leather couches with it. I’m not kidding, this stuff is THE BOMB. You can view their user guide for more ways to use Branch Basics here.

And you know what I love even more about it? It’s human-safe, contains no artificial smelly stuff, the ingredients are things I can pronounce, a little bit of it goes a long way, and when I add my own essential oil blends to it, it makes me feel like I am making my cleaning products from scratch — well, sorta.

Here are 3 of the easiest DIY natural cleaning recipes using Branch Basics if you need some inspiration on what essential oils to use.

Is Branch Basics affordable?

Aside from all the other benefits Branch Basics has to offer, it’s also pretty cost effective. Most store-bought green cleaners are over $5 a bottle, still contain questionable hard-to-pronounce ingredients, AND have limited uses so you end up having to store a bunch of different bottles (helllooo under the counter clutter).

If you buy the 32oz concentrate, you can make 16 all-purpose bottles which comes out to $3.06 a bottle!

If you don’t have the spray bottles or have never tried Branch Basics before, their most popular Large Starter Kit is the perfect choice. It includes:

  • 64oz of the concentrate (makes 24 All-Purpose bottles, comes out to $2.56 a bottle)
  • Spray bottle for all-purpose
  • Spray bottle for bathroom
  • Spray bottle for streak-free cleaning
  • Foam bottle  (I keep the foam bottle in my bathroom and use it for removing my makeup at night and washing my face in the morning)

The 64oz concentrate gives you 24 all-purpose bottles ($2.56 a bottle) and you get the spray bottles that can be reused over and over again. If you don’t share your bottles, this starter kit will last you months! What small price to pay for a product that you can truly feel good about AND it saves you time from making your own cleaning products.

If you don’t feel like spending that much because you’re concerned about whether or not it won’t work here are two things that should relieve your worries.

  1. There is a 180-day No-Risk Money-Back Guarantee so really there is nothing to lose
  2. Opt for the small starter kit that still gives great savings compared to green cleaners. It makes 6 all-purpose bottles which comes out to $3.66 a bottle — not as much savings as the large starter kit but still a huge savings over store-bought cleaners!

Where to get your Branch Basics + Save 25% off your first time order!

You won’t find Branch Basics in the health food stores or major retailers because it is still a small family-run business in Texas but you can buy it directly from their Branch Basics site.

If you’re ready to save time, money, waste by purchasing Branch Basics, use code PURE25 to save 25% off of your first order here. You honestly can’t beat that!

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  1. I love this, Loriel! I recently came to the same “I can’t do it all” realization, and wrote a post on my own site about why I started buying instead of making my own skin care products. It’s so freeing to allow myself to focus my time and energy on the areas that I’m most passionate about (like food!), and find good, clean products I can buy for everything else! Great post!

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