Why I Take Magnesium Daily

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I’m a hard sell when it comes to “coincidences.”

Maybe there is a small percentage of the time that coincidences are simply occurrences without a connection, but I feel the majority of things happen for a reason.

It’s like saying, “Oh it’s just a coincidence that you met Scott once and didn’t really notice him but then you just so happened to see him 4 months later and actually notice him and then fall madly in love with him.”

Or, “It’s just a coincidence that the whole time your child has had a 102 fever and you didn’t bring it down with any over-the-counter medicine, but then when you went to the urgent care and gave it to your child that when it wore off, he had the uncontrollable chill shakes for 30 minutes — for the first time this whole duration of sickness!”

And even better, “It’s just a coincidence that when you stopped taking magnesium for two days, you slept incredibly shitty but that next night before bed when you took magnesium, you slept like a champ.”

…Can you see why I have a hard time believing in coincidences?

We won’t really go into detail for the first two examples I gave but let’s talk more about why I take magnesium daily (well, almost daily).

The Story

I began having sciatic pain after I gave birth to my 9lb baby Andrew but it never was an issue until I got pregnant with my second. I was in the final weeks of my first trimester when I started having sciatic pain on my right side. I found that if I did too much bending in the day, I would get sharp jolts down my right leg. I tried a few yoga classes to help me stretch it out but I found that with each yoga class I went to, I felt worse.

My midwife Katie suggested chiropractic adjustments and Natural Calm magnesium but for some reason I didn’t try either of those suggestions until well into my second trimester. I guess when you really become desperate for a solution, you will finally take the suggestions people have given you. By the middle of my second trimester, the sharp jolts turned into straight up immobilizing pain. I would have to sit on the bed and wait the pain out, or would be stuck in a position until my body stopped freaking out.

I think the reason I’ve been having so much pain is 1) I carried a 9lb baby boy on my small frame and he sat low through the pregnancy which probably did some damage and 2) Baby number two sits low, as well — possibly even lower than Andrew because I don’t ever remember being in this much discomfort through Andrew’s pregnancy. So, apparently I carry baby’s low in my body which has NOT been fun. In fact, she sits so low that I thought my pants were too tight but it was actually the pressure of her down in my crotch. Since she sits so low on my hips, it has made the last half of this pregnancy so far really miserable.

The Relief

Chiropractic adjustments do help me but only for a few days. The pain in my hips get so bad that they are sore to the touch which makes sleeping sometimes incredibly uncomfortable. Since I can’t necessarily sleep on my back, I constantly have to switch from side to side to relieve the pain off each hip. We have a tempur-pedic mattress and there have been times through this pregnancy that I have literally felt like I was sleeping on concrete. I finally caved in and bought Natural Calm because I had to do whatever it took to get at least a little bit of relief.

Ever since I started taking magnesium daily, I have been able to get much better rest at night and my body tends to loosen up a bit. And want to know how I know it has helped? Can you recall that little “coincidence” that I shared about sleeping really bad for two nights after forgetting to take magnesium and then remembering to take it and sleeping a million times better? I don’t believe it was just a coincidence. I am now truly a believer in how magnesium is so crucial for our overall well-being. I also started getting random leg cramps in the middle of the night and when I started taking magnesium, they went away.

Important Info About Finding the Right Dosage: I recommend starting small and then working your way up. If you take too much magnesium, you’ll find yourself in the bathroom with the runs. Trust me, I’ve done it and it’s not fun. Start with 1/2 teaspoon once a day, then work up to 1 tsp a day. I typically take 3/4 teaspoon at night, although I should start taking it in the morning too. My plan is to buy some oil to apply once a day and then take the powder at night before bed.

Even If You Aren’t Pregnant, it’s Worth Taking

In fact, even if you aren’t pregnant magnesium is one of those minerals that is important to get into your body daily because your body depends on magnesium for optimal function (read more about why we need magnesium and what a lack of magnesium can do to our bodies here) and unfortunately almost all of us are deficient in magnesium.

This is the brand of magnesium that I have started taking. I tried the flavor packets but they taste too fake for me and remind me of Crystal Light. I use the unflavored magnesium and just take it with water. If I have sparkling water on hand, I’ll add a little bit in my cup to help soften the mineral taste but it’s not necessary.

That being said, I recently learned that the best way for the body to absorb magnesium is by applying it topically. For applying topically, this magnesium oil has great reviews from people I know. Here is another option for topical magnesium oil that I’ve heard doesn’t make your skin itchy at all.

I think with magnesium, the most important thing is finding something that works for you. Some people say they get itchy after putting magnesium on their bodies, while others don’t. Some people feel better when taking the powder, while some people don’t feel a difference. Regardless, I have found that magnesium supplementation has made a profound difference in the way I sleep and I personally think it’s worth it for anyone to try.

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  1. Thanks for this great post – I tried taking some magnesium supplements myself but think I will try the magnesium calm you suggest. I highly recommend magnesium oil for muscle aches. It’s great during pregnancy. On a side note, if you’re willing to do placenta encapsulation it’s a great way to get back vital nutrients postpartum. Hope the chiropractic helps. You may also consider acupuncture for relief from your pregnancy aches, etc. Thanks again for the great post!

    1. I really do need to get my hands on a bottle of magnesium oil.. Like you said, it’s great for muscle aches and I’m sure it would help my hip pain to be applied topically. I will be doing placenta encapsulation with this baby and I’m excited to document the benefits I feel from it. Thank you for the suggestions!

  2. I have been taking Calm for a number of years and love it. And it’s not just for sleep quality and cramps. I’m a migraine sufferer and it’s estimated that up to 80% of all headaches (not just migraines) are caused by magnesium deficiency in our diets (our produce just isn’t as rich in nutrients as it once was). So if you are prone to any kind of headache, do also give Calm a try. I also sometimes use the body oil on the bottoms of my feet at night but have better luck with the Calm. Calm’s powdered form, BTW, is more readily absorbed than other oral forms. The Calm website has lots of great info. (No I don’t work for them but I just realized this does sound a bit like I do!)

  3. Hi there! I’m interested in trying this product for my headaches, but even more so buying it for my two kids who have symptoms from Trich/ADHD/ticks. Have you tried the different flavors? Any suggestions? Thanks!

    1. The flavors remind me of the Crystal Light powder packs and I’m not a fan of those. I would make suggest putting the non-flavored in water and then mixing it (dumping the all the water) with a smoothie or orange juice if you’re concerned about flavor.

  4. I’m a big believer in Magnesium Taurate. the more I dig, the more I study, it’s absolutely true that it’s actually the minerals that run our body. I also believe in chiropractors. You mentioned that going to the chiropractor helped only for a few days, understand that you have to keep going back once a week to train your spine to go back, see your spine has been out of place so long it thinks its suppose to be that way so seeing the chiropractor a few times would train it to go back to where its suppose to stay. I have to say magnesium is wonderful.

  5. Your article was so informative, I will gave you a testimonial with my grandson, he suffered for many years with migraine headaches was taken constantly to doctors finally his pediatrician told us gave him magnesium tab. Daily and thanks to God he has not suffered another headache and also nose bleeds I forgot, as long as he take magnesium he is ok.

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