Hey there!

I’m Loriel, the creator and writer of this beautiful little natural lifestyle blog, Naturally Loriel. I’m a conscious thinker and a passionate doer. I’m a dreamer of all things self-sufficient (even though my life is totally not that right now), a brown-thumb gardener with a green thumb heart, a lover of nourishing REAL foods (and cake too), and an advocate for food rights. I want to inspire people to change their lives so they are happier and healthier; but most importantly, I want to inspire them to change their lives so our children have a future that is bright, healthy, and satisfying.

I first started on this journey when my son was 9 months old; a friend of the family sent me an article on why baby cereal was so bad and I was completely appalled. From that moment forward I went into full research mode, questioned everything I read, and slowly began to change our lives; from the types of foods we ate to the things we put on our body.

Naturally Loriel is a place where I share my journey to living a more natural lifestyle. It’s a place where perfection is not the goal, where my crazy chicken lady shines bright, and where I share real, from-scratch, soul-happy recipes that don’t break the bank.

Aside from Naturally Loriel, I created and launched Naturally Free — an organic spice blend business almost a year ago. I’m licensed with Florida’s Department of Agriculture to create and sell my spice blends, and do so in a certified commercial kitchen. My vision with Naturally Free is to show people you can have convenience of eating healthy without compromising your family’s health. All of my blends are made with 100% real, organic ingredients and handcrafted in small batches. Shop Naturally Free Blends here.





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