DIY jello cups

DIY Jello Cups

At my son’s elementary school, they’re all about no waste; they encourage parents to pack lunches free from plastic wrappers, paper cups, juice boxes, paper napkins, and anything else that could end up in the trash cans. It makes my heart sing with joy to see small changes like this being implemented because I believe…

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These nut-free trail mix poppers are great for little fingers to snack on or for packing in a school lunch! They're quick and easy to make, too.

Nut-free Trail Mix Poppers

You know what goes perfectly together? Little chubby fingers with little bite-sized finger foods. There really is nothing cuter than seeing your baby’s little fingers start grasping for foods and watching as their skills evolve over time. You really don’t realize how quickly they move through this developmental stage until you turn your head and find…

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Smoked Fish Dip

My father-in-law came home from his fishing trip with a couple jacks, a mackerel and a trout. He decided he wanted to cook them in the smoker and said they should turn out delicious. We cooked the trout a different way just in case. Uhh.. he was definitely wrong. The jacks were reallllly fishy. I…

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Recipe: Deviled Eggs

Who doesn’t love deviled eggs? They have been a favorite of mine for many years! I remember my mom making deviled eggs when I was little and they were so. darn. good. every time. And they still are! This is why I make them when there is any kind of family function going on and…

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