Spiritual Stripping and What We Choose to Wear

What are you wearing?

I know, lol, you’re probably like “why in the world is she asking me what I’m wearing?” Stay with me, friend.

I don’t mean what you bought from the store, but what are you wearing spiritually?

God’s word mentions cloaking yourself in garments many times throughout the bible.

Colossians 3:14 says to “put on love.”

Isaiah 61:3 talks about “bestow on them a crown of beauty instead of ashes, oil of joy instead of mourning, and a garment of praise instead of a spirit of despair.” 

In Ephesians 6:13, we are encouraged to put *on* God’s full armor.

Everywhere in scripture God beautifully illustrates gentle reminders to clothe ourselves spiritually.

Isaiah 61:3

So, friend, what are you wearing?

Does it feel heavy? Light? Suffocating? Itchy? Annoying? Tight? Hot?

I can tell you I’ve been wearing heavy, heavy cloaks of hopelessness and judgement. This cloak is so heavy my shoulders are weighed down and it’s a struggle to get anywhere or move freely. 

I have been wearing pants of anger so tight I’m constantly irritated and quick to snap. Lord knows a pair of pants too tight is the most freaking annoying thing ever. It’s like you can’t ever breathe. 

Another piece of clothing I’ve had on too long are gigantic, dark goggles. These fuckers are so tight against my eyes that no ray of light can shine through. All I can see is darkness around me.

Take a moment and breathe. Do any of these resonate with you? Are you feeling the heaviness?

You are not alone. 

These times are freaking hard. If we are not careful we will pile on the garments of anger, fear, hopelessness, judgement, overwhelm, and so many other emotions that are straight from the enemy.

What do we do when we are bogged down with garments from hell?

I invite you to join me in stripping to the bare spiritually and choosing different garments.

What if we slipped into a soft robe of comfort? How about slippers of peace or boots of courage? A silk shirt of joy matched with a hat of truth; fancy glasses of discernment sound pretty good too.

It’s true that every day we should also be putting on the full armor of God because now more than ever we are in the spiritual battle of our lives. Evil is all around us and seems to be coming at full force.

Yet, the reality is that armor is still heavy. War is still heavy. Warriors get tired.

Every warrior needs to take a break; a sip of water; a breather. When you’re resting and recharging, remember to take off the armor and put on something light, unrestrictive, comfortable. 

Will you join me in being intentional about what we choose to put on every day and in this simple prayer?

Lord, soften my heart to judgement, anger, and fear so that I can cloak myself in love. Amen.

P.s. If you’re struggling with this, I invite you to picture a piece of clothing and identify an emotion that you can connect to it. If it’s something negative, envision yourself taking it off. If it’s something positive, envision putting it on. For extra support, apply the essential oil blends of Envision, 3 Wise Men, or Clarity on your temples and crown of the head. You can find those through this link.

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