Sunburn Cooling Face Mist

Have I dreamt I am a mermaid? Or am I a mermaid dreaming I am me?

It’s a question I seriously ask myself often. You see, I am a water animal. If I could live, breathe and eat in the water, I would. If I could grow gills, I would. The water is where I am most comfortable (especially since the weightlessness allows me to be graceful instead of clunky above water). Hence the reason why I became a SCUBA diving instructor prior to my real food journey.

There I am teaching people how to dive. That was one of my favorite classes by the way.

And now, before we get to the sunburn cooling face mist, a little poetic verbiage.


Take me any place where I can have the sun kiss my skin, constantly. Take me to a place where the sea breeze whips through my hair and the smell of salt fills up my senses.  Take me to a place where the only sounds are the waves sloshing against the side of the boat, the tinkering of dive equipment being put together and the squawk of a seagull out at sea.

Take me to a place where the clear blue water is only the beginning to a world teeming with life. Take me to a place where I can float, weightlessly and hear only the sound of bubbles and the occasional spear gun being shot; the excitement of knowing fresh fish will fill our freezer.

Take me there and my soul will be satisfied.

Take me to the beach. Where soft sand can be wriggled in between my toes. Where the sound of waves crashing the shore and the sound of Andrew laughing are the only things that matter. Take me to a place where I can sit in the water and feel my body rocking back and forth to the ocean’s natural ebb and flow and soak up the ocean’s natural energy. Take me to a place where the sun kisses my skin, constantly.

Take me there and my soul will be satisfied.


Annnnnddd, boom. I just wrote a short poem. 🙂 No, but really I love the water, the ocean, the beach, the pool, the lake. Anything with water and sun and I am a happy mermaid – er, I mean human.

Luckily, due to my father’s Israeli genes, my skin is pretty resistant to the sun. And to be honest, I don’t remember my mom ever putting sunscreen on me and we spent every waking moment in the sun if we could. Whoops, maybe that wasn’t such a smart idea on her part but there have been very few times I’ve actually had a sunburn in my life.

For those rare times, I’ve always reached for my trusty aloe gel to help soothe the burn. Aloe is great for that. Now that I’ve embarked on this real food journey, I realized that harvesting my own fresh aloe is a way better option. Although aloe makes a great sunburn relief remedy, sometimes adding a few other bonus ingredients can really help supercharge the remedy and healing.

With that being said, this sunburn cooling face mist was created. With fresh homemade aloe juice, rose water, witch hazel and a couple essential oils, this cooling face mist is perfect for those times where your face got a little too sun-kissed. Witch hazel, rose water and fresh aloe juice really help soothe and cool the burn while the lavender and rose absolute essential oil helps calm and refresh the face.

It’s really, really easy to make and can be stored in the refrigerator for later use.

Sunburn Cooling Face Mist
  • You'll need a spray bottle of some sort. I like this one
  1. Pour all ingredients into a jar
  2. Close the lid, shake real well
  3. Pour into a sprayer bottle and store in the fridge
  4. When you have a sunburn or just want your face to be rejuvenated, spray liberally

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