Why I Use Einkorn Flour + 10 Einkorn Recipes to Get You Started

Psstt.. every Wednesday I write a post called “Why I” and last week I wrote one on Why I Don’t Use Vegetable for Cooking — just in case you missed it.

I’d love to see a raise of hands to see how many people actually enjoy the taste of whole wheat baked goods. Guessing from my invisible audience, there are probably only a handful of people… and I’m not one of them.

And honestly, if you’re looking for a “healthier” option to plain unbleached flour, whole wheat is no better. It’s hard to digest (and it tastes awful). The more common ancient grains like spelt, kamut, and buckwheat are more on the healthier side but even those should be soaked or sprouted so the body doesn’t go into overdrive trying to digest the grains.

For a busy mom like myself, I don’t want to add one more thing to the clean eating regime and I know I won’t go grain-free because my family and I love bread, cookies, cake, and all the other things you can make with flour way too much. So what’s a gluten-loving mom to do?

Enter: Einkorn

I first learned of einkorn when I read The Healthy Home Economist’s blog post introducing Jovial’s Einkorn flour to the world. I was amazed, intrigued, excited, and I purchased einkorn that next day to try. What really caught my attention about einkorn was that it was completely unhybridized and one of the most ancient forms of wheat. In fact, it is the only wheat on the market that has not been touched by man, making it the purest form of wheat you can eat. This ultimately means that some people who can’t tolerate modern-day wheat can tolerate einkorn because of the unique gluten structure; einkorn having only two sets of chromosomes.

According to Jovial’s website:

Like einkorn, most plants are diploid, meaning they has two sets of 7 chromosomes from a male parent and one from a female parent. When other types of wheat were created, additional sets of chromosomes were added. Emmer wheat appeared roughly 2,000 years after einkorn by the natural hybridization of two wild grasses, resulting in a total of 28 chromosomes. Kamut® and Durum Wheat are descendants of Emmer. Spelt was the first wheat hybridization between cultivated emmer and a wild grass, creating a species with 42 chromosomes. Common bread wheat descended from spelt. (source)

Another Fun Fact: Einkorn was one of the first foods planted, at the birth of agriculture 10,000 years ago. It grew wild for millions of years before that (source).

Aside from the actual gluten structure of the grain, einkorn also has more nutrients that modern day wheat products which results in more energy and less feeling of empty calories.

Our Own Experience With Einkorn

I’ve read countless stories from blogs and testimonials about people having sensitivities to modern gluten structures yet can tolerate einkorn without a problem (learn more about einkorn being a good gluten here).

A couple years after I first started using einkorn, we had our own experience with a family member being able to tolerate einkorn easier than wheat products. When I took Andrew to a holistic practitioner to figure out if his body was overreacting to mosquito bites because of any food sensitivities, we did energetic testing and it came back that he was sensitive to all forms of wheat. Knowing that einkorn has a different gluten structure, I brought some einkorn flour for her to test against his body and it passed with flying colors. You can read more about that here.

It’s Really The Only Thing I Use

We’ve been loving einkorn flour for a few years now and I really can’t go back to normal flour. Sometimes I’ll use unbleached flour if I have to, but for the most part I am a lifelong loyal einkorn customer. The taste (it’s so smooth, rich, and slightly nutty), the nutrient quality, the health benefits, and even the integrity of Jovial as a company is what I love so much and why I support them through my food dollars.

Seriously, and Jovial isn’t just about the einkorn flour. You’ll even find their brown rice capellini noodles, diced and whole tomatoes in glass jars, and cookies as a staple in our pantry and kitchen.

There is no denying my love for einkorn flour either. If you browse my recipes, you’ll find that 98% of the recipes that include flour are made using einkorn.

And in honor of all things einkorn, here are 10 easy recipes to get you started.

Plus, stay tuned for an einkorn giveaway, a recipe for soft and chewy ginger cookies, and a sneak peak at my new favorite cookbook all about einkorn. If you want to save 15% on Jovial products, use coupon code NATURALLYCB at checkout.

10 Easy Einkorn Recipes

1. Einkorn Waffles

These waffles are literally a family favorite and I’ve even made the dry mix for other families who have become hooked on the recipe and flavor of einkorn. I often make a double batch and freeze the other half so we have quick and easy breakfast when we need it. Recipe here.

2. Buttermilk Blueberry Einkorn Muffins

It’s everything you want in a muffin; from the crunchy outside to the soft, moist inside. It only takes a few minutes to prep everything and the muffins are in your hands in no time. These are also excellent for the freezer — just warm them up in the toaster oven or your regular oven on a low heat. Recipe here.

3. Chewy Chocolate Chip Einkorn Brownies

Want to eat the best brownie of your entire life? This recipe is a MUST to keep in your stash — especially during the holidays when #AllTheBaking happens. Chewy, moist, chocolately, and made with the purest form of wheat. Recipe here.

4. Homemade Italian Seasoned Breadcrumbs

Made from a fresh loaf of einkorn bread, these breadcrumbs are incredibly easy to make. The flavor is intensified in the yummy factor because of my Naturally Free Italian Seasoning. Seriously, you’ll never want to go back to regular store-bought breadcrumbs — especially if you’ve ever taken a look at the ingredients in those! Recipe here.

5. Dairy-Free Vanilla Bean Einkorn Dutch Baby with Peach Butter

In a bit of a breakfast funk? This dutch baby is made in the blender and is on your table in less than 30 minutes (!!). Plus, it looks so fancy and tastes so good that you’re family will have no idea how easy it was to make. This would be a great breakfast dish to make if you have company over for Sunday breakfast or if you don’t want to spend (what seems like) hours at the stove. Recipe here.

6. Crumbly Coconut Cookies

These cookies are super easy to make with a taste being similar to wedding cakes except with hints of shredded coconut in each bite. They are crumbly and oh so delicious. Recipe here.

7. Apricot Bars

Dried apricots are used in these bars so they can be made practically any time of the year. The soft shortbread-like crust made with einkorn flour ramps up the flavor when mixed with coconut sugar and ooey gooey apricots. Recipe here.

These apricot bars are chewy and gooey; easy to make and delicious. They can either be shared or hoarded. No judgement either way.

8. Moist Maple Cornbread

Although I love using einkorn for sweet baked goods, einkorn makes an excellent replacement in savory baked goods as well. This cornbread is something like you’ve never tasted before; it’s a little bit of heaven and a little bit of hell yeah. Recipe here.

9. Cranberry Pear Crisp

Einkorn is definitely not the main focus in this cranberry pear crisp recipe but it surely helps tie together all the flavors. It’s a nice change from traditional fall recipes that you bring to family gatherings — and trust me, they won’t mind. Recipe here.

10. Russian Tea Cakes

I have fond memories of my father and I going into a small, artisan bakery and buying russian tea cakes shaped in crescent-like cookies. These real food russian tea cakes made with einkorn flour brings me back to my roots and satisfies my longing of the cookies I used to grow up eating — except I almost think my version is better because it’s made with einkorn. Or maybe I’m partial. Either way, they’re tasty. Recipe here.

This post is sponsored by Jovial. However, the opinions and photos are of my own. Authenticity is important so I would never promote any brand or product that I wholeheartedly don’t believe in.

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  1. Very interesting article! I have read before that those who cannot tolerate regular flour may be able to tolerate Einkorn. I haven’t tried it yet, but those recipes look delicious!

  2. I love this 🙂 If I ever get this darn thyroid/hashi’s issues figured out the first thing I am bringing back in my diet is Einkorn!

  3. I make a sourdough bread with quinoa and einkorn, using kombucha as the starter. The bread turns out fantastic and those in our family who can’t normally tolerate einkorn do fine! These recipes look amazing.

    1. Andrea, I’d love to know how you do that. I make my own kombucha,have quinoa and einkorn flour…and love new recipes. I’m for sure trying several of Loriel’s recipes…can’t decide which one first though. Leaning towards the apricot bars, but am loving the look of the corn bread too.

  4. Would Einkorn be used with the same ratio as an all-purpose flour in recipes? Or should specific Einkorn recipes be used? I’ve been thinking about switching over but am such a terrible baker as it I’ve been nervous it make it even harder on myself! Thanks!

    1. *Typically* einkorn can be substituted for quick bread type recipes like cake and muffins. Things like pizza crust and more advanced baking items, there is a little more skill involved. For those types of recipes, I follow the ones that are made specifically with einkorn.

  5. I just discovered Einkorn and have been in a pie making frenzy! My husband is gluten intolerant and hasn’t had a descent pie in nine years… Love this flour! Made him his first loaf yesterday (recipe on bag) and will be investing in the cookbook. Yay Einkorn!

  6. Thanks for the great recipes! I’ve been trying to sub einkorn into my regular recipes without success. Can’t wait to try these!

  7. I just bought this flour to try out on a friend who is gluten intolerant. She craves bread. Do you have a good bread recipe I can try? Not a sour dough recipe, because unfortunately I don’t have 15+ hours to let it rest and rise.

    thank you!

  8. I just came across your website. I’ve been using einkorn from Jovial for about 8 months now and love it. It can be frustrating to work with in my hot, humid environment. No a/c in the Caribbean, but the flavors are so good! You have several recipes I plan to make when I get a new batch of flour. I have a sourdough starter that I made thru the cookbook and the flavors are great, but I noted the short cut above if anything happens to my starter. The cranberry pear crisp and apricot bars look so yummy! Can’t wait to try them.

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