3 Ingredient DIY Chapped Lip Remedy

If there is one quality I can say that I love about myself is that I can be in the sun for long periods of time without getting sun burnt. Thank you Abba (that means dad in Hebrew, FYI) for those Israeli genes you gave me. In fact, those genes were handed down to Andrew as well, thankfully. Otherwise he’d burn like his daddy…

But that’s a whole different topic.

Anyway, a few weeks ago I had to step out of my introvert comfort zone and go to a company beach party with Scott. Gatherings like that make me want to pretend like I have something else I need to do. Regardless, I put my big girl panties on (aka swim suit), took a deep breath, and entered into the realm of discomfort.

To make this story more to the point, I ended up having a great time. The beer actually helped ease the nerves and despite being at a company party, Scott and I were able to enjoy a little one-on-one time together at the beach. I took extra precautions with Scott and put some of Andrew’s sunscreen on him so he wouldn’t be a lobster the next day (and then I’d have to hear about it until he was healed… love you babe). I didn’t think to put anything on me, obviously, because of my Israeli non-burn genes.


I didn’t think to protect my lips and I definitely paid the price on that one. Ouch. My lips were dry, cracking, and bleeding and unfortunately I lost my favorite lip lotion.

Not good.

So, I immediately went to one of my best blogging buddies (turned into best friend and coworker) and asked for her advice since she’s like the PRO at making organic skincare solutions. She literally told me to grab a few things, mash it in my hand, and apply it to my lips.


What a relief! It was so healing that I knew I had to share with you, just in case you found yourself in that same situation I was in. You’ll have to click over to THIS LINK to read the rest of the post and get the ridiculously easy, 3 ingredient DIY chapped lip remedy.


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  1. When my kids were little 25 years ago we had problems with skeeter syndrome. I used lavender plus plantain as a miracle blend. Now with my first grand baby we have the same skeeter problems but we know how to treat it. Thanks for your knowledge and sharing.

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