12 Crunchy Handmade Gift Ideas

Only 13 more days ’til Christmas which means that’s 13 less days you have to come up with what you’re getting your friend, your mama, or your co-worker.

Wait! Before you freak out and want to go drown yourself in some good wine, I think I have you covered.

Here’s a list of 12 crunchy handmade gift ideas that I’m sure anyone will love, but especially those that are into this “crunchy” granola lifestyle we speak of.

Oh, and you can still drink that bottle of wine. No one is going to judge!

1. DIY Peppermint Hand Soap

Quite possibly the easiest and fault-free DIY ever, the person who will be receiving this gift (crunchy or not) will appreciate how silky their hands are left and how festive the smells of Peppermint and Bergamot essential oil are. Click here for the tutorial.


2. Real Food French Onion Dip

I don’t think I’ve yet met a person who DOESN’T love Lipton’s french onion dip. Make this dry homemade version instead and put it in a cute jar for a thoughtful, edible gift. They’ll be thanking you over and over for how delicious the recipe is. Click here for the recipe.


3. Vanilla Coconut Sugar

Know someone that loves to bake? Take 7  minutes and make a few bottles of vanilla coconut sugar; it’s the healthier version of vanilla powdered sugar and makes an excellent substitution to normal sugar in baked goods. Click here for the recipe.


4. DIY Essential Oil Roll-on Blends

Do you have a favorite essential oil scent with particular therapeutic properties you love and want to share? Grab a few roll-on bottles and create a few blends as a gift. If you need inspiration, I’ve shared a few perfume blends in this post.


5. Homemade Bottled Kombucha

Even though this would be considered a bit more of an unconventional handmade gift, I’m sure any person would appreciate receiving homemade kombucha as a gift. If you’re feeling really generous, you can always give a bottle of homemade kombucha along with a brewing kit so your friend or family member can brew it themselves. Click here to learn how to brew kombucha or here for inspiration on how to flavor your kombucha (there are 20 different flavors!).


6. Homemade Chocolate Covered Almonds in Christmas Tree Molds

Everyone loves chocolate so why not melt a bag of chocolate chips and put them in cute silicone molds. If you’re feeling extra crafty, you could actually melt some crayons into christmas tree molds and put them into your kids stocking. Click here for the recipe.


7. Calming Lotion Bars

What I love about lotion bars is they are pretty easy to make and you can customize the scents to whatever you’d like — or if you prefer to not put any scents, they are lovely as is. I used essential oils that have calming properties because I think everyone can appreciate more calm in their lives — especially during this crazy time. Click here for the tutorial.


8. The Best Chapped Lip Remedy

Requiring only three ingredients that you can literally squish in your hands, this chapped lip remedy works for winter chapped lips or sunburnt lips. Put it in a cute tin container like this and it would make a fantastic and SUPER easy gift. Click here for the recipe.


9. Seasoning and Herb Ornaments

Have a favorite homemade seasoning that you know others would love? Or just have friends that love food? A cute way to give them something special is by putting homemade seasoning or herbs into clear ornaments. You could even host a dinner party and have the ornaments hanging on your tree and let everyone know to take a seasoning ornament before they leave. Click here for the tutorial.


10. Beeswax Candles in Silicone Molds

This one requires a bit more hands on work and concentration, but the outcome is well worth it. Don’t forget to make a few for yourself so you can enjoy the sweet, warm smell of a natural beeswax candle burning. Click here for the tutorial.


11. Nighty-Night Bath Salt

Know a mom that needs a bit more R&R time? Making her a batch of this Nighty-Night bath salt would be a real treat. Even though it’s targeted to relaxing kids for an easier bed time routine, the blend can also be used for Mama to relax. Click here for the tutorial.


12. Rose Lip Balm

Made with honey and Rose Absolute essential oil, this lip balm is delicately luscious and sweet with a faint smell of roses. It makes the perfect platform for irresistible smooches so make sure to give caution to whoever you’re giving this too. 🙂 Click here for the tutorial.

Need more inspiration for handmade gifts? I really recommend Mommypotamus’ DIY Organic Beauty Recipes ebook.

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