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Allergy-Friendly Mini Chocolate Cake + A MightyNest Giveaway

Have you heard yet? We’re on a new food journey that requires no refined sugar, no dairy, no grains (except Einkorn), and a handful of other things.

Yeah, I know what you’re thinking. “So Loriel, what exactly can you eat and what are you going to do about the sweets?”

Ah, yes, the sweets. Surely a dilemma for this girl who loves sweet stuff. Well, there are two possible plans. Plan A: Turn into a closet dessert eater — or should I say an after-Andrew-goes-to-bed dessert eater. Plan B: Come up with creative ways to still enjoy food and life without feeling so restrictive and sneaky.

Ha. Here I was proudly boasting, “eat real food and don’t restrict yourself” and now I find myself in a situation where for a period of time, my son can’t eat the things he (and I) love to eat. Oh well, such is life, right?

I’ve got to keep an eye on the bigger picture and know that there will be a time where we won’t be on a restrictive diet but for now, serious healing is needed.

Anyway, back to the plans. While sneaking around and becoming a late-night sweet eater sounds daring, I think I’m going to play the safe route and go with plan B — coming up with creative ways to enjoy sweets even on an “allergy-friendly” diet.

So what does one make?

I thought a great “coming out” recipe would be mini chocolate “cakes” in their own ramekin. How cute is that? I found this recipe online and tweaked it a little bit to my liking. The result is a slightly spongy and very mildly sweet chocolate cake. The original recipe was more of a souffle and I guess this has a bit of a souffle look but it’s not completely a souffle. Can we call it a cake-flay? A cross between a souffle and cake. Eh, that doesn’t sound appealing. I’ll just stick with the mini cake. 🙂

The cocoa and coconut flour make the predominant flavor in this with a very small hint of maple and vanilla. Now, friend, this is not a normal chocolate cake. I repeat, this is not a normal chocolate cake. If your taste buds are high strung on sweet this is not the cake for you.

But for someone who just found out that they’ll be on a restrictive diet (because it’s only fair I eat what Andrew eats), this allergy-friendly mini chocolate cake satisfies my sweet tooth. I just thought of it now, but you could even whip up some coconut whipped cream to top these for an extra touch of yummy-ness.

And now for the giveaway!

So remember those cute little ramekins the mini chocolate cakes were baked in? Well those were provided by an awesome company called MightyNest. I love their products (it’s like an online eco-friendly store with anything and everything you could possibly want or need) but more importantly, I love their goals and involvement with communities.

Each month they host a challenge to earn money for your child’s school. For June, their challenge is to Savor the Summer. So while you’re savoring those allergy-friendly mini chocolate cakes, make sure you’re also savoring the freedom and fun that summer brings.

And although school is probably the last thing on your mind, you can still earn money for your school year round by purchasing healthy products for your family. When you pledge to Savor the Summer, you will be automatically entered to win a $75 gift card for yourself and a $75 gift card for your school. The school with the most points at the end of the month wins a $500 gift card for their school. Awesome, right?

In addition to giving 15% of every purchase back to schools, MightyNest informs and engages the school community on a wide variety of healthy living topics through blog posts, challenge actions, blogger giveaways and weekly e-newsletters.

So are you ready to savor the summer and take the pledge to do good for your school? Use the box below to enter to win a $75 gift card and points for your school.

Allergy-Friendly Mini Chocolate Cake
  1. Preheat oven to 375 and butter 4 ramekins
  2. In a medium bowl, whisk together all ingredients
  3. Pour into ramekins and bake for 18-23 mins
  4. Let cool and top with coconut whipped cream if you want

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by MightyNest. However, the photos and opinions expressed are completely my own and always will be.

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  1. I was so excited when I saw the name of these as allergy friendly. Unfortunately, my son cannot eat eggs so I won’t be making them. It looks like a yummy recipe though-coconut flour is always fun to use.

    1. I’ve had a number of comments saying the same thing you said, and I didn’t realize that when I used “allergy-friendly” people assumed it was friendly to all allergies. I apologize for the disappointment!

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