Banana Bread Coconut Cookies — A Guest Post

Pinterest has taught me one thing: I have a slight obsession with desserts. Cakes, cookies, brownies, you name it — except for the fruity stuff. Not a huge fan of fruit desserts (with an exception of these trifles) because I believe a dessert needs to have some sort of cake-like, cookie-like, mousse-like substance.

With all this being said, I love finding ways of having something taste dessert-like but can actually be eaten for breakfast. Duh, who wouldn’t want that?

Let me introduce you to my new creation: Banana bread coconut cookies. Oats, bananas, eggs, butter, and coconut are just some of the ingredients you’ll find in them and yes, they can be eaten for breakfast. If you want, you can take out the chocolate to make it even more breakfast friendly but shoot, who wants to do that?

You can find this recipe over at Scratch Mommy. Jessica is one of my favorite people ever (we’ve grown to be really close) and I’m helping her out since her organic skincare business is booming. Yay! If you don’t know Jessica, you MUST get to know her. She has tons of great DIY’s like this DIY sunscreen, liquid foundation and homemade deodorant with a secret ingredient.

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