Recipe: Homemade Raw Whipped Cream

Yes. I was that kid who would sneak into the refrigerator and squirt down a gob full of whipped cream from that scary aerosol can. I would walk away for about 15 minutes and come back for another squirt. I was also that kid who would grab the bucket of cool whip and eat spoonful after spoonful…after spoonful.

That’s right… I have a love affair with whipped cream. But quite frankly, who doesn’t?! The light fluffiness of it, the creaminess of it… Too bad store bought cream usually has unnecessary ingredients in it

Fortunately for all you whipped cream lovers out there, it is so unbelievably easy to make your own… and can be made in less than 5 minutes! No joke!

It will be the best tasting whipped cream you’ve ever had in your life, period. Which is good because then you can still be that kid, only you’re that kid eating raw whipped cream!

And guess what? It is nourishing because it’s made with raw, full fat cream and sweetened with raw honey. Um helloooooo!?!? Does it get any better than that?? Nope!

Well, maybe if you add some homemade pumpkin pie or some kind of homemade treat to mix with it. Everyone knows everything is better with whipped cream.

Bye-bye aerosol can of toxic cream…. Helloooooo light, fluffy and creamy raw goodness!

Recipe: Homemade Raw Whipped Cream
Equipment Needed
  • Hand mixer (where to buy)
  • 1 pint raw whipped cream
  • 2 tsp vanilla extract
  • 1-2 TBL raw, local honey
  1. Pour cream into large bowl. The bowl MUST be large or the whipped cream will pour over the edge
  2. Add vanilla extract and start with 1 TBL honey
  3. Using hand mixer on medium speed, use small circular motions to whip the cream
  4. After about 3-5 minutes, you'll see the cream become "whipped." You want the cream to be a thick consistency and you know it's done when you start seeing the whisk blades (from the mixer) impression in the cream. Careful to not over mix or you will have butter 🙂
  5. Taste (my favorite part). If it's not sweet enough, add more honey. I like a light, subtle sweetness so 1 TBL honey is good enough for me

***Note: Because the whipped cream is homemade, it’s best to make it right before you serve it and not let it sit. Otherwise, you will find yourself have to “re-fluff” the cream because it will loose it’s thickness after a while.

Are you a whipped cream lover? Have you ever made whipped cream at home?

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