DIY Jello Cups

make your own jello cups!

At my son’s elementary school, they’re all about no waste; they encourage parents to pack lunches free from plastic wrappers, paper cups, juice boxes, paper napkins, and anything else that could end up in the trash cans.

It makes my heart sing with joy to see small changes like this being implemented because I believe in order to see real change in this world, we need to teach our children the importance of thinking beyond just themselves.

The great news is, waste-free school lunches don’t have to be boring lunches. There are loads of recipes to be found online for making healthier (and sometimes cheaper) versions of your favorite store-bought snacks: you can swap these really easy 5 ingredient no-bake granola bars instead of the ones bought at the store for a fraction of the cost and you can make DIY jello cups instead of opting for the commercial ones loaded with sugar and artificial colorings (have you taken a look at the ingredients on those?!).

All you need are a few small containers to make the “cup” out of and whatever fruit is in season, or a 100% real fruit juice to create different flavors to keep things fun.

Head on over to Attainable Sustainable for the full DIY Jello Cups recipe


For more waste-free school lunch tips, visit our post on the 4 Components of a Waste-Free Lunch. 



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