Egg Carton Gardening: Uhh, the Roots Have Outgrown Their Space Already!

I went outside while Andrew was sleeping to check how my other babies were doing and I noticed the scarlet runner bean’s root almost 2 inches OUT of the egg carton. It had broken through and was searching for more space. The other scarlet runner bean had placed it’s roots inside another egg cell.

Uhhh… I definitely had not anticipated for this to happen.. so soon! Actually, to be quite honest, I hadn’t even anticipated for this to happen, at all.

I could either:

  1. Transplant them into the garden, where they will live out their season or
  2. Transplant them into another smaller container until they grow bigger, then transplant them again

Let me assure you, I am by no means a master gardener… or even a novice. I am the at the beginning of the beginner status, like I haven’t even finished the word “beginner.” I’m probably at the “beginn…” stage.

Anyway so I threw the idea back and forth in my head and decided to go with what I thought was the most logical solution. Since the scarlet beans are pretty big (close to 6 inches tall already) I decided to transplant them, egg carton and all, into my jerry-rigged garden bed. They fit in pretty nicely, I do have to say.


I checked all my other plants and the lemon cucumbers were in borderline desperate need of transplanting and so were the sugar snap peas. I decided to transplant three quarters of the lemon cucumber seedlings in the smaller containers and the other quarter in the garden. This way I would hopefully turn out with lemon cucumbers regardless if one idea did not turn out so good.


I got excited as I was transplanting the lemon cucumbers because I got a whiff of their unique smell… yuuummmm. The lemon cukes are what I am I looking forward to.

I left the sugar snap peas in their containers and will give them another day or so to get strong and then I’ll transplant them into the garden bed.


As I was doing my last investigation of how every one else was, I noticed a few yellow strawberries had germinated and even a sunflower was starting to poke out!


I’m crossing my fingers that I made the right decision in transplanting them and hope to see them flourish in their new homes!

What do you have going on in your garden right now?

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