Why I Use SeedsNow Seeds for My Garden

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Before I was introduced the world of Monsanto, buying seeds for my garden was such an innocent, no-brainer task. Post-Monsanto-GMO-Crazy-Whirlwind, buying seeds actually seemed a bit daunting and I was left wondering if the seeds I bought were genetically modified or not.

Thankfully, I learned that GM seeds are not available to purchase for the public which alleviated a bit of weight off my shoulders. Monsanto runs a tight ship and if you are using their seed, you are paying for them via your pocket (and soul) — year after year.

Does that mean you can buy seeds with no worries? Eh, not so fast. Although GM seeds are not available to purchase via the general public, the brand of seeds you buy may possibly be owned or associated with Monsanto (or other bio-tech companies). The tricky part is finding out who they are affiliated with which can 1) be time consuming to find out or 2) you can look at this diagram but you may forget.

Personally, when I found out about Monsanto I made a personal choice to do everything in my power to not support anything even remotely affiliate with them — even if it were a few seeds in a seed packet (which is a bit ironic since Monsanto wants to control the essence of life: a seed).

For a while I was using Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds because I was close to their seed bank while living in California. I loved that they offered rare seeds and were completely against any GM riffraff. A year or so later, I was introduced to SeedsNow when an acquaintance of mine ranted and raved about how well their garden was doing with their new seeds. I personally need all the help I can get in the garden (I’m naturally a brown thumb) so I immediately went online to check out their site.

I was SUPER excited with what I saw. Not only did they sell organic seeds, they made it a point to state that there were not affiliated with Monsanto or any other company that creates genetically modified seeds. Hallelujah!

Actions always speak louder than words, so I purchased a few $.99 trial seed packs (which I absolutely love) to try in my garden. I also want to mention that when I was deciding which seeds to purchase, I used their grow zone app-thing. Basically you pick what grow zone you’re in, what character you need (Do you need quick maturity? Something that grows well in containers? Easy to grow?), and what plant type and you’ve got yourself with a great variety to choose from.

Within a few days of planting, I had a germination rate of over 95%! I had some Baker Creek Seeds in there too, and I didn’t have as successful of a rate than I did compared to SeedsNow.

SeedsNow seeds are affordable, heirloom, high-quality, not affiliated with any bad guys, and their mission is loud and clear (which I love). They also have a great community of like-minded gardeners on their Instagram feed which is always fun to look at. I have used their seeds through two garden seasons and I have been more than happy.

Now, if I can just get the bugs in control and green up my thumb, I’ll really be happy.

Oh, and right now they are having a three day sale where you save 35% off their products storewide. It’s their biggest sale of the season and a perfect opportunity for you to buy your seeds for Fall. Use coupon code SAVE35NOW at checkout. This code expires 11:59PM PST on 8/6/2015 so don’t miss out! Head over to my SeedsNow seed store now.

This post is sponsored by SeedsNow and contains affiliate links. However, the opinions and photos are of my own. Authenticity is important so I would never promote any brand or product that I wholeheartedly don’t believe in. My readers are my number one priority and I always recommend companies and products that I believe will benefit my readers. 

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