My Birthday Present for You — a *One Day* Sale on Naturally Free Handcrafted Blends!

Today I turn 25.

Please excuse me while I sit in a moment of silence, shock, and reflection. Wait, how did I get to 25 so quick?

It seems like just yesterday when I turned the leaf to my 20’s and found out I was pregnant with my first child. Three months later I got married, and 6 months after that our son came into the world.

Countless sleep-less hours, thousands of photographs, enduring the high and low times with my husband, finding my parenting grove (still haven’t found that yet btw), navigating the natural living world, starting a blog, cooking many meals from scratch, almost quitting the blog, moving from FL to CA then back to FL from CA in a year and a half, finding out we’re pregnant with #2, and deciding to start a small business has filled the last 5 years — along with sweat, joy, tears, love, sacrifices, and everything else that you experience as you ride the waves of life.

As I allow myself to stop for a moment and reflect, it truly has been an amazing five years — for growth, patience, love, hard work, and persistence — but seriously, 25 already!?

I’m so grateful for all that I have experienced in the first half of my 20’s. Even though it’s not what normal 20-somethings go through, I’m blessed to have found my way and have started my very own business.

What I love so much about starting Naturally Free Handcrafted Blends is that I get to share a little bit of my love through every pouch of Taco Seasoning and French Onion dip and every jar of Italian Seasoning I create with my hands. Since I love when people enjoy good, real food versions of store-bought products, it’s like I get to bring joy to families all over the country with my blends.

I get to lighten the “from-scratch” load because I know how heavy it can get. Eating real food can be time intensive in the ever-changing seasons of our lives. When you’re in that chaotic “I’m-just-doing-anything-I-can-to-survive” season of your life, not having the time to cook like you want is very normal. The guilt that comes with that is normal, too.

By starting Naturally Free, I now have an opportunity to basically say “Here’s a from-scratch taco seasoning mix that tastes like it’s homemade and with the ingredients you love, without you having to worry about making it yourself. Rest easy mama (and dad), you can throw the guilt out the window.” That’s a great feeling for me and I’m excited you give me an opportunity to share it with you, your family, and your friends.

I’m so thankful!

And to share my gratitude (and celebrate 25 years young), I wanted to offer a one day only sale on my spice blends!

Free Shipping on Orders over $20!

When you order $20 worth of Naturally Free Blends and type in the code HAPPYBIRTHDAY, you’ll receive free shipping! That saves you anywhere from $5 and up — depending on how much you buy.

Ordering is easy

  • Just place the items you want in the cart
  • Type in HAPPYBIRTHDAY at checkout
  • Select the “free shipping” option
  • Watch your shipping costs go away.

Shipping turn around time is quick too — I’ll usually ship the next day or day of so you really have nothing to lose. 🙂 But don’t wait because this coupon code is only available for one day, August 4, 2015 until 11:59pm EST. 

Order now by clicking on the banner below.


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