My Weekly Meals, on the Real (Edition 4)

For the past few weeks I’ve been sharing what I feed my family for a whole week, on the real.

This my friend, is straight up raw, unfiltered information so you can see that bloggers are real people too. The fourth edition of my weekly meals, on the real is kind of comparable to the first edition; as you can see, we did NOT eat as good as we did the second and third week.

Last Sunday morning, I woke up extremely sick out of the blue; achy, feverish, nausea, the runs… you name it. This bug lasted a whole week and I had little to zero appetite and was extremely exhausted. These are the times that being a mom who works from home is really, really hard. Having to care for your little one while you don’t feel like moving, royally SUCKS!

We kind of just ate what we had at the house, with the exception of some soup from Whole Foods, and didn’t have a meal plan. The last thing I felt like doing was cooking. I apologize but I don’t really have photos of the food so I’ll just share a few photos that I took from throughout the week.


Breakfast: Andrew had graham crackers and a few bites of scrambled eggs. I had a little bit of tomato soup and a couple bites of toast.

Lunch: Andrew had his normal half sandwich of almond butter and strawberry jelly and more graham crackers. I didn’t eat.

Dinner: I made breaded chicken, rice cooked in broth and garlic peas and carrots. Andrew ate everything but the peas and carrots.

How much toilet paper Andrew needs to wipe his nose.
How much toilet paper Andrew needs to wipe his nose.


Breakfast: Andrew had a yolk egg (from our chickens — he always picks the blue egg) and a piece of bacon.

Lunch: Andrew and I split some leftover breaded chicken breast and graham crackers. We also stopped by Whole Foods and I picked up some soup and Andrew got some mac’n’cheese from the prepared foods bar.

We also snacked on homemade stove top popcorn.

Dinner: Andrew had the rest of his mac’n’cheese and Scott and I made fried eggs with leftover rice. Andrew had a few bites of that, as well.


Breakfast: Andrew only wanted graham crackers and rice.

Lunch: In Andrew’s school lunch, I gave him his normal 1/2 almond butter and strawberry jelly sandwich with graham crackers. This week he was obsessed with graham crackers… can you tell? He also had an evolution bar and I bought some soup from Whole Foods.

Dinner: Andrew and I had homemade nachos for dinner. We topped tortilla chips with cheese and homemade taco meat and dipped them in sour cream.


Breakfast: I had a cup of homemade chicken broth and Andrew ate some chicken broth mixed with rice. He also a few graham crackers (shocker, right?).

Lunch: Andrew had 1/2 an almond butter and jelly sandwich, an apple, nachos, and more graham crackers. I had another mug of homemade chicken broth. We also snacked and sampled five batches of gluten-free garlic rice crackers.

Dinner: Scott and Andrew went to a hockey game so I drank another cup of homemade chicken broth and a grilled cheese. I ended up having to make Andrew and Scott some breaded chicken breast when they got home because they didn’t eat.


Breakfast: I had a piece of toast with butter and jelly and Andrew had a few bites of eggs.

Lunch: In Andrew’s lunch, I packed leftover chicken and apples. While we were at Whole Foods shopping, Andrew ate four clementines and some strawberries.

Dinner: I made some homemade macaroni and cheese with real butter, cream and cheese.


Breakfast: Andrew and I ate some scrambled eggs and toast.

Lunch: We kind of munched on things at the house; dehydrated apple chips, clementines, cheese, and the last of the breaded chicken.

Dinner: I pan seared some grass-fed steaks and made some mashed potatoes and creamed spinach.


Breakfast: My boys requested french toast for Sunday morning breakfast, so I whipped some up real quick.

Lunch: We went to the farmer’s market and we got some pizza. Andrew didn’t want any of the pizza so he had some of his seed snack.

Dinner: Andrew had an early dinner of fried eggs and rice and fell asleep at 6:30. I reheated some meatballs from the freezer, made curly sweet potato fries and a small green salad with a tomato.


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