2 Ingredient Non-toxic Makeup Remover + DIY Makeup Removing Cloths

It’s not every day that I manage to put mascara on but when I do, I always always forget to take it off at night.

I’m not the only one right?

Instead of choosing a commercial makeup remover product, I opt for something more natural. The cosmetic industry in particular is teeming with expensive products that contain loads of toxins (read more about chemicals to look for in cosmetics here).

Choosing to remove as many toxins from my family’s life is important to me because I feel like we are bombarded with chemicals daily; from the air we breathe, the food we put in our mouth, the stuff we put on our skin, and from the wifi signals everywhere.

Chemical overload anyone?

It’s true that it’s impossible to escape them all but it is possible to reduce the load by opting for safer food, safer cosmetics, and to disable wifi mode whenever you can.

Thank goodness there is not only a quick, easy and effective solution to remove makeup, but it’s also a solution that eliminates just a little more toxins that our bodies are strained with on a daily basis.

 2 Ingredient Non-toxic Makeup Remover

Are you ready for this? The two ingredients I use to remove my makeup are coconut oil and mild soap. Simplicity at it’s finest. Don’t you love that?

Mild soap: This helps remove the dirt, grime, and makeup from your face. I like using this mild castile soap when it’s in a foam dispenser for ease of use.

Coconut oil: It is moisturizing and removes makeup gently and effectively.

I keep a jar of coconut oil in the bathroom to use for various things, including removing my makeup. That being said, if you’ve never used coconut oil before, you should know that it becomes solid when the room temperature is lower than 76 degrees. Although it is still fairly easy to use when it’s solid, it requires that one extra step that we all know is hard to find when you’re busy — whether it be rushing out the door to work or having kids at your feet.

Plant Therapy Essential Oils

For that reason, I keep a bottle of Plant Therapy’s fractionated coconut oil on hand. According to Plant Therapy’s website,

Fractionated oils have been heated to separate certain chains of fatty acids into separate components. This process refines, clarifies, and deodorizes the oil. Fractionated Coconut Oil will always remain liquid regardless of temperature. Its abilities as an emollient and moisturizer are the same as virgin coconut oil. (source)

Because of the way fractionated coconut oil has been processed, it will produce a barrier on the skin, but unlike virgin coconut oil will not clog pores (non-comedogenic). This is great for those of us whose pores clog easily and have oily skin.

How to Use

1. Gently wash your face with the mild soap of your choice, being careful to rub around your eyes to remove the mascara. Rinse and pat dry.

2. If you have black around your eyes, it’s okay. Soak a q-tip in fractionated coconut oil and gently wipe around your eyes to remove the black residue. Use a clean q-tip or clean makeup removing cloth (see below) to remove excess oil, if necessary.

Reusable Option – DIY Makeup Removing Cloths

If you’d rather not put more into the landfill than necessary, consider cutting up an old t-shirt or stained onesies into small square-ish pieces to use as a makeup removing cloth.

To use your DIY makeup removing cloth: Pour a little amount of fractionated coconut oil, rub, and then place in an empty jar.

This empty jar serves as the “hamper.” When your cloths are used to the max, place in a little mesh bag and wash in the washing machine. You could of course hand wash them as well.

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This post is sponsored by Plant Therapy. However, the opinions and photos are of my own. Authenticity is important so I would never promote any brand or product that I wholeheartedly don’t believe in.

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