Nut-free Trail Mix Poppers

You know what goes perfectly together? Little chubby fingers with little bite-sized finger foods.

There really is nothing cuter than seeing your baby’s little fingers start grasping for foods and watching as their skills evolve over time. You really don’t realize how quickly they move through this developmental stage until you turn your head and find someone has swiped that delicious looking piece of food off your plate that you were so looking forward to eating. Either it’s your cat or your kid and both of them look equally suspicious.

One thing you quickly learn about little fingers and little bite-sized finger foods is that they tend to go everywhere. No matter how many mini-sized containers you give them to hold all the little bits and pieces of food you give them, they always ends up on the floor mushed in between your toes, in between the seats in the car, in your bed, and yes, sometimes even in your hair.

Not like I have any experience in any of those, but specifically the last one… 😉

Even though the mess is not totally containable, there are ways to help reduce the mess and that is by combining favorite finger foods into one piece, i.e., these nut-free trail mix poppers (these no-bake oat bitescherry pie energy bars, and sour gummy candy are great, too).

Click here to get my recipe for Nut-Free Trail Mix Poppers over at Mommypotamus today!

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