Oyster Tour Photo Journal: Saltwater Oyster Depot [Part 4]

We ended our tour at Saltwater Oyster Depot. It’s a relatively new, tiny little restaurant in Inverness, CA but it is considered a dining gem. They are committed to serving local, seasonal, gourmet food. The restaurant is very clean and quaint and the staff is super friendly.

not a bad way to be greeted. 🙂

Our pretty table
While we waited for our oyster, we had some amazingly fresh bread with great tasting olive oil. They had mint-lemon flavored water which was so delicious!
white wine to go with our oysters
My absolute favorite way I’ve ever had oysters. Baked with Parmesan, garlic, butter, and chives. *Mouth watering* A fantastic way to end the tour. Thank you West Marin Food & Farm Tours for such an amazing day!

Oyster Fun Fact # 7

Pearls used in jewelry are produced in clams and mussels, not oysters as commonly believed.

Oyster Fun Fact # 8

Oysters are hermaphrodites and can change sex. When water temperatures rise, they broadcast spawn – the sperm and eggs meet in the water and form free swimming larvae. After about 13 days, they extend a foot and attach to calcium carbonate (usually other oyster shells).

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