The SECRET to Weight Loss

When I moved back to California two years ago with my husband, I still carried most of my pregnancy weight (plus a little extra). Fast forward a year and a half (in July 2013), I had no baby weight and weighed less than I initially weighed before I had Andrew.

People gawked. “How did you lose all that weight?!”  “What’s your secret??!”

Everyone wants to know the almighty secret of weight loss, like it’s something that only a few lucky people get to know. So because I like you, I figured I’d share, so you can benefit from this almighty, hard to obtain secret.

Are you ready?

My secret is…. that there is no secret!

I’m being serious. My secret to weight loss is eating food, real food.

Some may say, “But Loriel, you’re only 23 so you can drop the weight like it’s nobody’s business.”


Case in example: My Mother-in-Law

Currently Scott, Andrew and I are living with my in-laws until our home is no longer vacated. We moved in July 2013 and from the moment I arrived, I became in charge of cooking. It’s a nice trade-off actually because my MIL and I made a deal: I cook, she washes dishes.

Oh okay… twist my arm….

Anyway, from July 2013 to today, she has lost a total of 10lbs already just by eating home cooked meals and dessert. She probably got on the elliptical a maximum of three times since we’ve moved in.

People at her work now gawk at her. “How do you do it?” “You must be deprived with all that healthy cooking Loriel does.”

Why does everyone have to bad mouth healthy cooking?

But the reality of it is this: She is not deprived. I’m not deprived. No one is. We just eat real food. And dessert. Lots of it. Very happily.

When I read DaNelle of Weed ‘Em and Reap’s NEW ebook, “Have Your Cake and Lose Weight Too,” it gave me joy! She’s another example of what happens when you follow a real food diet vs. a restrictive diet.


Why I Really Love “Have Your Cake and Lose Weight Too”

If you don’t believe me when I say there is not secret to weight loss, you’ll surely believe it after reading DaNelle’s new ebook Have Your Cake and Lose Weight Too. She starts the book by sharing her personal weight loss and nourishment journey so you know right off the bat, she knows where YOU are coming from.

Her book is a breath of fresh air because it empowers individuals to free themselves of the restrictions, rules and other non-sense that most diet guru’s and diet fad’s advocate. It enables people to finally take back their health and say goodbye to being fat and sick. 

For the person who still needs a little guidance, a little assurance, and a plan, this is the book for you!

One of the most important things she tackles is the common dietary “rules” like-

  • Count your calories
  • Exercise constantly
  • Eat lots of lean protein
  • Low fat will make you skinny
  • Carbs are evil
  • Watch those portions
  • Eat six small meals a day
  • Don’t eat past 7pm
  • Drink your weight in water

Which as you can guess, are all, WRONG.

Have Your Cake and Lose Weight Too provides all the essential tools to understand why diet “gurus” have got it all wrong, why you haven’t been losing the weight, and how and why eating real food works.  Plus, she’s included 30 delicious, non-restrictive recipes to make your tummy happy and your body feel nourished.

Yes, you can eat all of these delicious things and lose weight.


Order Have Your Cake and Lose Weight Too

You are one step away from receiving an amazing book that will help you towards your ideal weight and health, without restrictions, discouragement, and longing for foods you love.

Plus, it’s on sale for a limited time! Save over 50% off– normally $34.95, on sale for $14.95.

Get your copy here.

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  1. I am one of those who has tried a lot of “diets”with little success. Along with our changes to live an environmentally smaller impact life, I have begun to cook almost completely from scratch…from mostly “raw materials” as my Hubz would say, rather than packages. It is something of a learning process but the results are already pretty amazing in terms of how we feel and how our bodies are running better.

    1. It truly is amazing how eating real food makes you feel. My father-in-law shamefully bought Taco Bell the other night for dinner (just for him) and suffered serious consequences for two days. He told me he’s never doing that again and he’ll stick to real food. Good luck on your journey! Stick to real food and you’ll find you won’t have to “diet” anymore.

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