Peach Butter

Peach butter.

So easy, so delicious, and such a great way to use the majority of all those peaches you have lying around — especially when the season is coming to an end. You can opt to can them or you can put it in your refrigerator and use it within 2 weeks. You could probably even put it in freezer-safe jars and freeze small portions.

This recipe has significantly less sugar than normal fruit butters because of how sweet, juicy, and in season the peaches are. When you first taste it, you’re hit with cinnamon and then your taste buds are greeted by the sweet, fresh peach flavor.

After you’re done making peach butter, you’ll want to use it as a topping for this vanilla bean einkorn dutch baby… trust me.

Head over to Attainable Sustainable to get my recipe for Peach Butter


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