Fresh Berry Mini Pound Cake Trifles

I have me a sweet tooth. There’s no hiding or denying that.

But I don’t just like any sweet treat. Nope, I have a picky sweet tooth. My dessert of choice usually consists of something cakey (like these moist vanilla cupcakes), something creamy like tiramisu or something that consists of a *little* bit of chocolate (like these pillow cake bliss bars). Only a little chocolate though, I’m more of a vanilla type person vs. chocolate.

Notice how none of those includes fruit? Zilch. Nada. None. I’m not a fruity type of person. Never have, not sure if I’ll ever be. There is just something about fruit that does not satisfy my taste buds. Go ahead and call me a weirdo, I know I kinda am.

But summer has officially arrived here in Florida and that means family gatherings, get-togethers and picnics. I usually bring desserts (go figure, right?) so in the scorching Florida heat, I prefer to go with something that is light and fresh. And for this reason, and only this reason, I break out of my decadent, creamy, cakey sweet tooth and whip out these fresh berry mini pound cake trifles.

I don’t venture out very far from my normal sweet tooth desire because these trifles have homemade whipped cream sweetened with real maple syrup and vanilla and butter pound cake cubes. However, the addition of the fresh berries (or you can even use thawed frozen) really brings together the best of the three world’s for the ultimate summer-time sweet treat. The best part is that everyone can enjoy it no matter what their sweet tooth preference is.

It takes less than 30 minutes to prep everything and is completely customizable to whatever berries you have in season.

Recipe: Fresh Berry Mini Pound Cake Trifles (Perfect for 4th of July!)
  • 2 cups (1/2 inch) pound cake, cubed (find one with a good ingredient label)
  • 1 TBL grated lime rind
  • 2 cups homemade whipped cream (recipe here)
  • 1½ TBL fresh lime juice
  • 1¼ cups strawberries, divided
  • 1¼ cups blueberries, divided
  1. Place lime juice and 1 cup each blueberries and strawberries in a dish (square dish works best). Mash berry mixture using the back of a spoon or potato masher (reserve the ¼ cup of each berries -- do not mash)
  2. Layer half of the pound cake cubes along the bottom of 4 dessert glasses
  3. Make homemade whipped cream
  4. Once homemade whipped cream is complete, fold in lime rind
  5. Top dessert glasses evenly with half of berry mixture and half of homemade whipped cream
  6. Repeat layers with remaining half of cake cubes, berry mixture, and topping mixture
  7. Top each dessert cup with 1 TBL remaining berries (these have not been smashed)


What kind of desserts do you like better? Fruity or Cakey?

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