Sauerkrauting It Up (My First Time Making It)

I know fermented foods are something everyone should be eating… however we don’t eat much. I wanted to make my own sauerkraut after my friend Meredith had me try the one she made. It was the BEST tasting sauerkraut… EVER.

She invited me to her house so we could have a sauerkraut making party although we got to talking so much before we even started that we had to rush through making the sauerkraut because Meredith had to pick her son up from school (not to mention juggling two toddlers as well).

Since we rushed through the directions, I went home with a “embrace all that may happen” attitude. To my amazement, making sauerkraut really isn’t that difficult!

chopping the ‘kraut.. getting it ready to put in the processor
make sure you put it in a big enough bowl!
it’s time to add salt and mix well
Hmmm.. the jar I brought from home was no where near big enough
Meredith brought out the mammoth wide mouthed jar — perfect
had to resort to a show because the kids would not get off our backs!
pouring filtered water. we also added kraut juice from a previous batch
mashing it down with her fist
Meredith showed me her special ‘kraut making tools but told me I could just keep the ‘kraut in a sealed jar, covered with a towel in a cabinet that does not get used much. She told me to go back each day and take my fist to push the sauerkraut back under the juice (as shown above) so nothing gets moldy.
Honestly, I maybe mashed the ‘kraut once in the three days I was letting it ferment and there was hardly any mold. I think I had beginners luck because when I opened the jar to see if it was ready, it fizzed so nicely and my homemade sauerkraut turned out perfect!!
End result — beautiful, tasty purple sauerkraut!

Do you make your own sauerkraut? Are you pretty successful or still having trouble?

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