Finally! A Natural Deodorant That Works!

I have tried the majority of natural deodorants out there and none of them have worked. I even made my own and had no luck there either. I still stunk. The stank was so bad that when I took my shirt off at night, the arm pits of the shirt smelt.  

Thank goodness my husband loves me for who I am.. a slightly crunchy mama that wants to do everything in her power to reduce toxins in and around us and the environment (even if that means being smelly for a short period of time).

I refuse to use conventional deodorant because that stuff is down right toxic but I needed a solution… and quick!

A Toxic Concoction On Your Skin

Store bought deodorants are chock full of things you do not want to be absorbing into your skin- ever. Below is a list of the main hazards found in deodorants.

  • Artificial fragrances: What is a fragrance anyway? Did you know because of a loophole, cosmetic companies are allowed to add dozens and sometimes up to hundreds of synthetic chemicals in the word “fragrance” and not have to disclose it? Pthalates can be found under the word fragrance and this plastic is used to hold the fragrance to our skin and block endocrine function.
  • Parabens: Previous studies have found that parabens can cause skin irritation, allergic reactions, reproductive health problems and cancer, depending on the form of paraben. (source) Even scarier, The Breast Cancer Fund found six different parabens in biopsy samples of breast tumors; the concentration being in the same region of where deodorant is applied.
  • Triclosan: According to the Environmental Working Group [EWG], triclosan is linked to liver and inhalation toxicity, and low levels of triclosan may disrupt thyroid function.
  • Aluminum: Scientific evidence showed results confirming that aluminum is associated to several neurophysiologic processes that are responsible for the characteristic degeneration of Alzheimer’s disease. Be careful! Some natural deodorants contain ingredients with the word “alum” in them which means aluminum is present.

Conventional Deodorant Prohibits Sweating!

Sweating is important people! It may not be pretty or flattering but sweating is essential to maintain a healthy body. One natural way of your body releasing toxins is by sweating. Most conventional deodorants (and even some organic) are formulated in such a way that it does not allow any perspiring. Without any sweat, how do we detox?

Sweating is also a normal cooling response our body goes through. Antiperspirants do no help in allowing this normal body function to happen.

What’s A Natural Stinky Girl To Do?

I was beginning to lose hope. I was ready to accept the fact that I may stink for the rest of my life because I refused to spread aluminum and other nasty chemicals on my skin. I was ready to embrace the true meaning of all naturale.

Then a miracle happened.

I was introduced to Primal Pit Paste. They are a little company whose motives and beliefs fall in the same category as mine. I looked through their website, read the testimonials and was sold. I ordered the 2oz Extra Strength Non Scented jar and prayed my stinky-ness may soon be over. My husband had run out of his conventional deodorant and was using the homemade stuff but it did not work for him either. He was getting antsy because he was tired of having body order and tired of smelling my fragrance. 😉

Side note: My husband is pretty much a soldier when it comes to me experimenting and finding products that work. Let’s just say he is okay with being a guinea pig until I find the right product. He wasn’t a big fan of using deodorant that you had to apply on your skin with your fingers (he used the roll on kind for the longest time).

We went through a short heat wave so I was able to put the deodorant to the test. Previously, when I used either homemade or store bought organic deodorant, within minutes I was able to smell a little body order. To my surprise and disbelief, I went a whole day in the heat and got no whiff of any stankness. And guess what? My husband did not have smelly pits either! Hallelujah!

Have you had any luck using natural store bought or homemade deodorants? 

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  1. I recently tried Lavilin for the first time and I think it’s a great product. My husband actually convinced me to try it since he’s been using their foot cream for a couple of years and said he’s very satisfied. So far the results have been very good.

    What are your thoughts, if any, on Lavilin?

    1. Hey Ruth,

      I think you’ll absolutely love Lavilin. Most of my family (my parents, my husband, and my 2 sisters) have been using the product for years and years, and not a single one of us has anything negative to say. You’ll grow to love it more and more!

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