Things I Love: May

Wow! May was a busy month for us and it seemed like it flew by. Every weekend it seemed there was something fun going on.

Andrew really started talking last month and he has not stopped since! It’s been amazing to see him grow - especially transitioning from the 1 word phase to the 2-3 word sentence. Incredible!

He just recently said “I luh you” and it was SUPER cute. But of course when I ask if he loves me he says “no. daddy.” What a stinker! He’s also learned more sign language signs like “flower,” “grandma,” “grandpa,” “silly,” “fun,” “dance,” “play.” He even signs the word “please” as it he says it. Adorable.

Highlights of May…

  • Spending Mother’s Day with my family
  • Going out to sushi and having a girls night with two good friends of mine
  • Going on an oyster tour with AnnMarie of Cheeseslave. I seriously had 16 or 17 oysters that day cooked in every way possible. It was amazing! (post coming soon!)
  • Having my husband play hooky and spending the day at the zoo. (We have mixed feelings about the zoo but thought it would be a good experience for him. We’d like to take him again when he’s older so we can explain to him that animals are not meant to be in cages.)
  • Enjoying a 2nd year old birthday party with a new friend. We met them through our local Weston A. Price chapter and I’m so blessed to have met such cool people!
  • Marching against Monsanto in San Francisco. I feel so grateful to have been part of such an empowering event (read my whole, emotional experience here)
  • Going to our local farm’s whole pig roast event. I ate tongue, cheeks, ear, skin, leg…. It felt like I did my part in eating as many parts of the animal as I could. It was also great seeing such a wonderful community of folks that appreciate what Tara Firma Farms is doing.
  • Noticing a few small green tomatoes finally growing on my tomato plants
  • More calendula blooms (this time they were orange instead of yellow)
  • New carrot sprouts
  • Starting the 60 Posts in 60 Days Challenge to give myself a little needed push!

A few links I loved this month as well -

  • It’s always nice to one-up your already “eco-awareness” when you learn of something new like how to regrow your own veggies and fruits from kitchen scraps. Yup - you heard me! Don’t throw away your avocado seeds and things like celery, carrots, and chickpeas because they are easy to grow from home. Learn how here!
  • Worms…. some may think of them as yucky, slimy little creatures but they are actually amazing for our earth… including your garden! Here are 14 reasons why you should have your own compost worms.
  • Onion rings are something I have not had in a long time because they are most likely fried in hydrogenated, genetically modified vegetable oil and that is a major no-no for me! When I saw these homemade onion rings dipped in batter and sprinkled with coconut flakes I almost died and went to heaven! They are totally on my “to make” list.
  • I came across a great post called “Are We Overcomplicating Our Health?” that immediately hit the bulls-eye on how I feel about our society and health. It’s crazy how people need all these scientific studies to confirm if something is healthy. She really broke it down simply and it’s easy to understand.
  • Are your almonds raw? Before you say yes, make sure you really know if your almonds are raw because most likely, they’re not! Learn more about what happens to your almonds here.
  • Who doesn’t love pedicures? Unfortunately most salons still use toxic nail polish and chemically laden lotions. For those of us who try to avoid these toxins it can put us in a bit of a predicament, don’t you agree? Good thing I found this post outlining how to use natural products to give yourself your own pedicure along with a peppermint food scrub for those of us whose feet are in pain
  • Sangria, sangria, we all like sangria! Make your own sangria and sweeten it with honey!

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