21 Yummy Real Food Dip Recipes for Any Party You’re Hosting or Going to

What’s a party without a dip and something crunchy to eat with the dip? A lame party, for sure. 

I can’t deny that I am the queen of crunchy foods. The apple didn’t fall far from the tree with Andrew either. In fact, he loves crunchy food so much that he likes to crunch out loud so he can hear himself crunch even more. Sometimes I can drown it out, other times it’s like nails to a chalkboard for me.

Our favorite dip, by far, to have on hand when we’re hosting a party at our house or bringing food to a gathering we’ve been invited to is my French Onion Dip.

Every. Single. Person. LOVES it.

Lipton’s MSG, weird ingredient filled packet honestly has nothing on my real food version of a dry french onion dip. The only thing people ever have to say about it is when the dip starts turning yellow but I assure them “that’s just the turmeric in there.” After that, they go happily go along finishing the whole bowl. I actually need to start learning to make double batches because it’s usually the first thing to go at any family gathering.

My French Onion Dip will be available for sale on this site pretty soon, but until then, you can learn how to make it yourself here.

With the Summer here and lots of outings (like 4th of July), it’s always good to have a couple real food dip recipes on hand in case you need something quick and easy to make, and something that everyone will love. I’ve compiled a list of recipes that I think would fit the bill AND contain real food ingredients — no fake packet stuff. Enjoy!

Salsa & Guac / Tex Mex

Warm Dips

Cold Dips

Hummus/Middle Eastern


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