Creamed Spinach

I used to devour the creamed spinach my mom made when I was little. You know, the one that came from the frozen food section and you put in the microwave to warm up? I don’t know what it was but whenever she made it, it was like heaven in the mouth.

Unfortunately, that frozen creamed spinach contains all kinds of weird ingredients like GMOs, artificial flavors and mono-diglycerides.

There is good news! Re-making this old childhood memory in a more, organic type of way is incredibly easy and you don’t need a microwave to do so.

Made with organic spinach, this creamed spinach is first sautéed with butter, onions, and garlic to add dimensions to the flavor. Cream cheese, homemade bone broth, and parmesan cheese add depth and the distinct creaminess that brings the memory of my childhood to life.

Head over to Mommypotamus to get my recipe for Creamed Spinach

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