How to Make Homemade Italian Dressing (Real Food Style)

Note from Naturally Loriel: I’m taking some time off to enjoy my sweet newborn but I’ve lined up some amazing guest posts from some of my favorite bloggers while I’m away. Today’s guest post comes from Renee of Raising Generation Nourished. Renee is well known for her amazing school lunch ideas and pretty much all her recipes — you can count on delicious, easy, and nourishing meals on Renee’s site. 

She’s also guest posted for me in the past with these scrumptious Hashbrown and Cheese Baked Egg Nests. Thank you Renee!

One of my favorite memories of my Grandma was that every holiday she would set out these little oil and vinegar bottles for the salad. The bottles were gorgeous, and while salad was totally boring to a 6 year old, I always remember wanting my Grandma’s salad during the holidays because it always tasted so good.

I don’t have a lot of memories of my Grandma since she lived so far away, but the memories I do have of her are so, so sweet to me. That salad dressing she made was so simple. A little oil and vinegar, salt and pepper. But there was something about the way she made it.

Simplicity is sometimes the best ingredient in a recipe. Real ingredients have flavor. You don’t need to do much to them to doctor it up! And some of the best recipes don’t need to be time consuming.

This homemade Italian dressing will be one of those things that grace your table and everyone pounces on it!

The flavor completely blows away store bought Italian dressing. The seasonings made in the Naturally Free Italian Seasoning Mix are pure, simple, and full of real flavor. And the best part just might be that everything just shakes right up in the jar in less than 5 minutes!

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How to Make Homemade Italian Dressing (Real Food Style)
  1. Everything into a pint jar with a tight lid and shake well to combine. Shake well before each use. Store in the fridge.

Renee is a wife and momma of 3 girls five years old and under. She is passionate about raising the next generation of kids with a better understanding where their food comes from and how food affects their bodies. She is committed to teaching others that simple, real food can make positive changes in health and can be done on a (very) tight budget, all while making the kids smile. Renee blogs at Raising Generation Nourished and can be found on FacebookTwitterInstagramPinterest and Google+.

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  1. I made this dressing this morning and am going to use it on my salad at lunch! It is super easy to put together and smells so good!!! Can’t wait to try it! Tired of the tasteless bottled dressings! Thanks for all the great recipes!

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