Heavenly Salmon Patties with Special Aioli Sauce

Salmon is so good that sometimes it seems doing anything else with it other than slathering it in butter and garlic could be a sin. I thought I would take a ride on the wild side and try something new and boy am I glad I did. These salmon patties are anything but sinful. If they were sinful they would be sorta bad for you and these are in no way bad for your health (just make sure you buy wild caught because farmed salmon are fed unnatural things and they may even be genetically  modified, yikes!). The little golden brown patties fried in lard taste so darn good they might as well be called heavenlyhence the name “Heavenly Salmon Patties.”


There is not much to say other than pure heaven in the mouth….


Oh, and head over to Girl Meets Nourishment to read the rest of this post and get the recipe — I promise you will not be disappointed. Plus, Girl Meets Nourishment has a fantastic blog.. you’ll definitely want to subscribe!

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  1. I would love to use the Vita-Mix to make healthy and delicious Smoothies and Soups. I believe the Vita-Mix is a wonderful tool for health.

  2. Thanks for sharing this recipe from Girl Meets Nourishment! My husband loves salmon patties and I’m excited to try this recipe!

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