NEW E-book Review: Gluten-Free Vegetarian by Hannah of Healy Real Food Vegetarian

You may be thinking, Healthy Roots, Happy Soul is not a vegetarian page! You’re right! But I’m I have some vegetarian readers including my own, very loved aunt so vegetarian recipes have a special place in my heart.

Whenever Scott, Andrew and I would take a trip up to my aunt’s lakehouse for the weekend, we’d always have to come up with vegetarian real food meals. I didn’t want to eat “meat-like” products and she did not want meat to even enter her house. Some may think this would create conflict but it didn’t. The best part of her being a vegetarian and me being a meat eater (real food style) is we understand our special “needs” and can compromise very easily.

I only wish we had this book when I was still living in California so we could cook some really amazing things!

Hannah of Healy Real Food Vegetarian always has fantastic recipes and photos to accompany them on her site so I knew her book would be the same!


Gluten-Free Vegetarian, the E-book

I don’t know about you but when I hear the word vegetarian, I automatically think soy-based foods. I’m not a huge fan of soy so I am often turned down by vegetarian recipes. Gluten-Free Vegetarian, however has 80+ soy-free recipes which just proves anyone can get their protein from things other than soy.

More than half of the recipes in Gluten-Free Vegetarian are also vegan and/or dairy-free, as well.

From learning how to properly prepare grains, legumes and flours and why fermented foods are beneficial to your health to making your own basic staples like ghee, queso fresco, vegan cashew cream cheese, garlic Dijon balsamic vinaigrette and much more, Grain-Free Vegetarian covers it all. 


Quinoa Berry Breakfast Bowl
Easy Stir Fry with Coconut Curry Sauce
Cauliflower Pizza2
Cauliflower Crust Pizza
Banana Spice Cookies

Is your stomach growling yet? I know mine is!


Why You Need This Book

You will benefit from having Gluten-Free Vegetarian as an addition to your cookbooks because:

  • Using recipes from this book can save you money as good quality, grass-fed meats can be pricey and are not always in your budget
  • You are vegetarian and grain-free but also want to reduce the amount of soy you consume
  • You enjoy real food recipes
  • You appreciate very easy, thoughtfully written and beautifully laid out cookbooks that include gorgeous photos of the food
  • You need high quality, vegetarian recipes that only uses natural and traditionally prepared ingredients
  • You are a fan of Healy Real Food Vegetarian and know how great her recipes are. Never been to her site?? Oh man, you’re missing out! Check out her blog here.

Order Gluten-Free Vegetarian and Save 35%!

Gluten Free Vegetarian is currently on sale to celebrate it’s BRAND NEW release. For $30.98 – $19.99 you’ll receive 80 new gluten-free, meatless and soy-free real food recipes so you can stick to your healthy eating plan without getting bored… but only for a limited time!

When you order before October 15, you’ll receive 35% off and receive a FREE bonus ebooklet, Vegan Desserts.


Click HERE to Order!
Click HERE to Order!


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  1. I wish we had this book when you were here too! I will get this and have it for when you come to visit. Make sure you have this when I come to visit you too! I’m so hungry right now from looking at these dishes above!

    Love you and I love your blog. Thanks for putting up something for the vegetarians!

    Auntie Paula

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